To early to share, too long to wait to talk!

Hi girls :)

After a miscarriage of first child in Jan (MMP after no heartbeat on scan) I'm pregnant again, I thought I'dfeel ecstatic but we are both feeling like we daren't get excited.. I'm bursting to talk and share with close ones but I can't face risking it again..... It's going to be a long 5weeks 'til first scan..... Anyone else been here before or similar situ?


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I know how you feel, I lost my first last year at 10 weeks, although scans showed that it stopped growing at about 5 and a half weeks. I had told everyone and their dog when I found out at just over 5 weeks. This time around I have told my parents and a few close friends, those I would have support from if anything happened again. I'm 8w2d and got another 3w5d before I can shout it from the rooftops! (not that I'm counting! Lol) my fiancé is very excited but trying to keep my feet on the ground as he knows how bad I will be if the worst does happen, we try not to discuss too much further than the next appointment. It's difficult when you're bursting to tell the fantastic news.

Maybe tell a friend who can keep the secret and you can talk to in all cases. Hope this helps.


Hi FirstTimeMum1984,I know how u jan 2013 I had a miscarriage.2 years later in jan this year I got pregnant 20 wks now.its hard not 2 worry that it could happen again and the 1st 12 weeks were the longest ever but as every week past I started 2 worry less and had 2 keep telling myself that if I did miscarry theres nothing that I couldve done about it.try+stay positive cos stress is the worst thing 4 u.try and hold off telling people 2,I know its hard but the less people that know,the less pressure there is on u.try not 2 worry+I hope the nxt 5 wks go quick 4 u.xx


HI all, I had a miscarriage picked up at the scan with my first pregnancy but then went on to have my, now 2yr old dd. I'm now 23 weeks and still worry. I think it's only natural but you will get there. Hang in there and take it day by day, and most of all don't forget to enjoy it. Because of what happened; easier said than done I know but once you get passed 12 weeks hopefully you'll be able to relax a bit. xx


I've had 3 miscarriages all at 6 weeks, with the first pregnancy I told everybody. When I miscarried I then had to tell everybody that news too. I wished I had not told them I was pregnant. It wasn't that I felt ashamed or guilty I juSt hated their sympathy and reassuring words. I personally would wait til u r 12 weeks, it is lovely little secret between you and your partner.


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