well i am 17 about to be 18 in a month very hard for me to tell my mother but,i took a test jan 7th 2015.I am as if today having some cramps like i am about to come on but, my test was positive.I am becoming very scared because this is my first an my friend just lost her baby (miscarriage) she was 6 months . I really need some advise because since this is my first i REALLY want to keep it i will be very upset.I want to know is Im really pregnant . Im very confused!

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  • hi there, it' normal to have period-like cramps in the early stages of pregnancy. doesn't necessarily mean you're miscarrying. Please try not to worry. I hope you will find the strength to confide in your mum soon. xx

  • is it true stress can really affect me while im pregnant because it seems like me an my boyfriend just cant stop arguing ..

  • I would say that a huge proportion of newly expectant mothers are under lots of stress during pregnancy! My partnr was on the other side of the world when I found out, and his first reaction was to end the relationship ... I was crying under the covers for several days, then I had a huge gastrointestinal virus at only 7 weeks pregnant - vomiting etc with huge cramps for 72 hours, hospitalized .... and my baby is just fine, shes 6 months old nearly. What i'm saying is that these little bubbas are surprisingly robust, and if anything awful does happen to somebody, like it did to your friend, most of the time this is nothing to do with anything the mother has or hasn't done - just pure, awful, tragic bad luck. Stress doesn't mean miscarriage, please take a deep breath and be confident in your little baby's ability to thrive in there. Is it the pregnancy that is making you and your boyfriend argue? xx

  • no he say he wants it he just had a newborn that was born today at like 11 this morning..he has an bad attitude problem an kind of takes it out by arguing with me then will flip the script on me an say do i really want it...its really hard because to be honest i don't know what he wants.

  • You shouldn't be worrying about what your boyfriend wants if he can't explain it to you sensibly without arguing (make sure you're not the one changing the conversation into an argument, though). You'll only make yourself more stressed. You say that you really want the baby, and you say your boyfriend starts off saying he wants the baby too. So don't worry about that bit now. Your mum is a different story though. If it goes well, she's going to find out about it sooner or later. If it goes badly, won't you want to be able to ask her for comfort and understanding when you're upset? If you can find a way to talk to her about it as soon as possible, I would definitely say have a go. Also though - you have to try to keep calm and understand that if she acts as though she's angry or disappointed with you, that probably just means that she's very surprised and maybe a bit scared for you. She's your mum after all and she loves you and wants the best for you, even if she's not great at showing it. Maybe she'll even be supportive in a way you don't expect! If you do tell her, write back and let us know how it went. Also - make sure you book yourself in with a doctor as soon as possible so they can check everything's fine xxx

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