Blood and protein in urine

I am 33 weeks pregnant...

The week before last I was diagnosed with irvine infection. They found protein in my urine and put me on a week of antibiotics. I finished that and just to make sure I handed in another sample this morning. The doctor rang me and left a voice mail saying they'd found blood and protein in my urine this time around.

I am waiting for a call back from them (aside from the worry they didn't think to call my mobile while at work so I could have had answers by now)...

Anyone else experience this? What worries me is that any 'symptoms' they keep describing are blurring into pregnancy symptoms and I just cannot tell. I've got a cold over the Christmas period and so am feeling under the weather anyway. My back aches from lack of sleep/not being able to get comfy. It's so frustrating... I've had such a lovely pregnancy so far how can it feel that is getting out of hand now???

Sorry for the ramble. Just angry, upset and worried now sitting here fretting waiting for a phone call...

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Hi Dear, fellow sufferer! I was diagnosed with UTI Christmas week - they said it was Strep B in urine that had caused blood and protein infection in bladder. Amazed as had negative Strep B result only two weeks before. Apparently these things just happen. Underwent week of Amoxycilin and told by GP to wait until 9th for my next midwife appt for check up as they were sure would be all cleared up by then. Finished course but altho pain has gone, still getting bladder pressure, back ache, needing to wee and tingling....same as you - exactly same as normal pregnancy side effects. I've been taking paracetamol because another GP advised me that most important thing for baby was to keep my temperature down by taking them. Just hanging in there until I see MW on Friday. But I know what you mean...what with mild SPD coming on and those blasted iron tablets I have to take now, inability to sleep and pains all over the place....oh and not forgetting those Braxton Hicks, I have no idea how I'm going to make it. I even asked OH last night if he could just take the baby for a few hours to give me a rest and he just laughed....but I was serious ;) And now Strep B is another added complication to my woes....I hear you J, I hear you.

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Thank you for your response!

Makes me fell a bit better knowing I'm not alone in this new phase of pregnancy!

Doctor finally called back and in a nutshell I have to wait three days for results as she's sent sample off to lab.

I got myself totally worked up though and then she spoke to me like I was an idiot. I was so angry!!!

Anyway, because I feel "well"?!?! I've not got to worry... Just put it all down to pregnancy.... Very frustrating!


Dr's only talk to you like an idiot when they don't know what they're talking about :) I have a selection of numpties at my surgery and it's Russian Roulette when they tell you you'll get a call back. 3 days seems a bit excessive, doubt it could be serious. Just keep an eye on your temperature if you're in doubt and keep your chin up, we're nearly there :)


Thank you! I resolved to find my humour and soldiered on to ante natal class with hubby... Oh my god. This is a vagina and this is how your baby comes out.... Really?????? Free entertainment for 2 hours.

With 7 weeks to go if I DIDN'T know how a baby came out then this world is very worrying!!!

Chin is suitably back up!

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Ha ha!! Well that's made me smile this morning!!! Glad you know where it is now :D Imagine if you didn't? Would baby come out your belly button or backside?? HA HA!! That wasn't an NCT class was it? Ours have been really good and informative - no need for vagina maps!! Sorry, that's just given me the giggles! What did hubby say?? Ha ha! I'd have corpsed if they'd said that to mine, knowing how he'd react :)


We both went in thinking it might be a little 'patronising' so felt no surprise when the class went in that direction. We have a very similar sense of humour albeit I can usually keep mine in check when needed! It was an NHS freebie but to be honest at the end of the whole thing I learned nothing that I haven't already been told or read in books or online.

We're going back next week to learn about pain relief. How bad can that be?! I'll let you know how it goes ha ha!!


Wonder whether they'll tell you labour hurts ;)


Im going through exactly the same i have not given a normal sample since 24 weeks iv been on various anti biotics im now 39 weeks and have been told if this hasnt gone i may have to have iv anti biotics x


Hi there, I had exactly the same problems with my first pregnancy (my daughter is 6 now). Literally every time I was seen by my midwife I ended up in hospital as they always found blood and protein in my urine. It was always on a Friday too so would spend whole weekend in there with them constantly checking my urine and putting me on antibiotics, and then when it got worse an iv drip of antibiotics. It did mean I was told things like I couldn't have a water birth and they did monitor my birth more closely (was never actually told why) anyway I'm wittering, just wanted to say it does happen and I know it seems so draining (especially as you just want to enjoy the pregnancy). I hope you feel better knowing it does happen quite frequently and you definitely aren't alone and when it gets you down you can come on here and we understand EXACTLY how you feel.

Big hugs xx


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