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30 weeks plus and the pleasures of the 3rd Trimester!!

I have not posted for quite some time as I have been busy with my 3 girls, bump and work. Am getting really excited at the prospect of meeting the fourth princess I have to admit. The pleasures of the 3rd Trimester, where can I start; constipation, worsening SPD, frequent overnight loo trips, indigestion and heartburn, worsening varicose veins, numbness, pins and needles while sitting on the toilet only, increasing bump size, yes all of this!!!!

I have so far concentrated on the bump and taking one day at a time, however the Spd got very bad a few weeks ago, I had to ask for an urgent physio referral. It got so bad that I needed to use a walking stick in the morning and after any prolonged sitting or lying down. Physios haver been great so far and the aim is to keep mobile in the last few weeks. I have a personal workout regime, extra support and lots of useful advice. I am still not letting anything weigh me down and mentally I am thinking only positively and thinking about meeting little princess soooon!

To all the Mums out there I seriously don't know how we do it, it is by the Grace of God that we endure, persevere and forget about it all and then go back to it, bless you all. Wishing each and everyone of you a happy and wonderful new year filled with blessings, happiness and lots of healthy babies.

If anyone is worried about anything at all please see your Gp and Midwife, most of these are all normal however if there is any concern then it is worth ruling out anything more serious.

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Hi Sumariamira, thanks for your message. I'm 33 wks now and on countdown too. Some days are better than others I suppose but I hear you only too clearly ;) Happy New Year to you too - even though to me it feels a world away yet, my calander ensures me it won't be long before my baby is in my arms and I'll be able to function again ;) Good Luck and Best Wishes xx


Hi Hopeful15

Thanks for your kind reply. It is good to hear from you too. Yes definitely the countdown is on and I am sure all our babies cant wait to meet us too!! Not long to go now. Good luck and best wishes to you too. XXXXXX


I'm also 33 weeks and feeling it! I take it spd is to do with your pelvic area? I've acquired myself some crutches for the midnight/3am/5am loo runs as it got so bad I was getting out of bed and literally collapsing!

Husband has been very understanding and doing a lot for me but I feel like I'm wading through mud some of the time! I miss going for long walks in the woods or on the beach with the dog... We tried a couple of weeks ago but by the end I was in agony.

This will all be worth it though! I can't wait to see our first born. We have waited so long for this.

Yes it is a miracle and what our bodies go through is amazing... I can't believe you're on number four! You are amazing!

Here's to all our new additions in 2015! :-)


Hi jsth1979

Happy new year to you. Thanks for your reply, yes SPD, symphysis pubis dysfunction, exactly what you have, according to the Physios, the more kids you have then it is more likely it is to get worse. The good news is we are all almost there and it is all well worth it. Sorry you miss your long walks but when little one comes then it will all be history. I am on number 4 as having kids is a very special experience that you cannot really explain, once you see the baby you do fall in love with them and it is a very special kind, they love you back also unconditionally, I think that is how I have got to number 4. You are amazing too, and so are all the mums out there surely, going through all of this to give someone life is pretty selfless and remarkable. All the best for the new year. XXX


What a lovely thread! Happy new year to all you lovely ladies and good luck with the next few weeks! I'm at 25 weeks with my third and enjoying a little bit of energy returning...if only for a few weeks before it's all downhill again until the birth, of course and getting to meet my third son! ;) Happy 2015 to all!xx


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