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Hello ladies, I'm 4 weeks & 6 days, I found out I was pregnant last week, but yesterday night I had pink discharge, then brown, now today I woke up bleeding, it was very light colour red at first, now it's black, I'm so scared & so worried I have no idea what to do, as to I haven't even made an appointment with the doctor yet, I don't seem to be having clots & I'm scared that I might be having a miscarriage, I was so light headed today & felt as if I was going to chuck up any minute! My nose was bleeding a tiny bit at one point, I really need advice please help!

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Here's our information on miscarriage signs and symptoms:

If you need any further help or support our helpline offers practical and emotional support in all areas of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood: 0300 330 0700.


You are having miscarriage, sorry...

You need to go to hospital - they will give you medication and help to recover. They will also make later appointment to check if you don't have any complications. Its is very hard and sad time, I have been through with this. Just relax and try to be positive. Everything is for the reason and its probably for the best, because something can be very wrong with the baby. I now have a little boy and its all forgotten. Don't try to find the reason and ask "Why me". You would be surprised how many women are having same problem every day. I wish you all the best in future.


Yes I know, I figured I was I went to the hospital 3 hours ago, they told me that I had a miscarriage & yes they told me that aswell, thank you for the support xx


sad to see this post. as the other lady said, the embryo may not have been a strong one - sometimes our bodies let go of pregnancies that aren't viable rather than continuing to grow a baby that will not make it through with good health. Sorry that you have been through this xxx


Sorry to hear your situation, it is always heart-breaking when that happens. Try and get all the support you need. I had one as well end of 2012 and it was difficult but thank God I managed to turn the corner. Time is a healer, be strong and positive. Lots of ladies go through this at some point and some don't even realise they have had a miscarriage. Wishing you well.


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