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Hi all just a little moan as I went for my pre op today and it's not what I was expecting. So basically I have a planned c section on thursday, was so excited as my last sections were both emergencys, but at my appiontment today I was told to arrive at the antenatal clinic for 8am and wait to be called up to theatre, I cannot bring in my bags as there is no room in theatre so I have to leave them in the car until after I have baby then I can go get them. Problem with this is I am being dropped off at the hospital so can't do that. The midwife then gave me a tiny slip of paper with instructions on and some pills to take then practically shoved me out the door. I left feelin quite deflated or was I expecting too much I don't know, I was thinking i would go straight on a ward with all my stuff and relaxing time until they take me down, not sat in a waiting room in a clinic. Maybe I am expecting too much and it hopefully will turn out a lovely experience. Can't wait to meet baby just thought it would be a bit different, am I just being silly and moaning to much.?

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Thanks for sharing this. I too will be having a planned c-section in early February. I'm seeing my midwife this Thursday and the Obs team mid January to discuss. I too believed I'd at least be on a ward and it seems a bit daft not to have somewhere to put your are you supposed to get them after the op?? The only thing I can imagine is that they are short of beds...I had a multiple myomectomy 15 months ago and ended up getting prepped in the ward corridor and visitors waiting room and waiting in recovery room for 4 hours until my bed became free, but the staff were still able to find me a locker to put my stuff in and a ward bed to get changed into hospital gown, albeit for a few minutes and they were all very apologetic. My NCT class teacher has told me that we are well within our rights to have a c section birth plan, take music into theatre, ask for lights to be dimmed at birth, have curtain lowered at birth so LO sees you first, go skin to skin and request to breastfeed in recovery....if in doubt I'd always ask for clarification. Speak to your midwife or call the hospital for reassurance. Just because you're having a c section doesn't mean your birth has to be any less spiritual and you do need to be in a calm atmosphere before any operation anyway. Let me know how you get on. All fingers crossed for you xxx


Thanks hopeful15. I'm really not sure what to expect now, we shall see how it goes. I do have some requests after the birth like skin to skin and breastfeeding so hopefully I will have a lovely story to tell about my birth experience. Thanks again xxx


Wow I cannot believe this... They are supposed to admit you in a ward and from their you go for your c -section. I was admitted with my hubby,I got change and two doctors came to speak to me and after 1hr I was called for my section. Which hospital is that...can not believe this so terrible


That's what I was thinking, but no I've been told to go to antenatal clinic and wait to be called . When I asked " to be called where" midwife said "to theatre you will go straight to theatre". That's why I cannot take my bags with me as there will be no room. She said when I'm in recovery I can send someone to get them out of the car but as I said I can't do that as I am getting dropped off not parking. Now I am imagining being sat in clinic then being called to a cubicle or something to Change and go straight to theatre, I really have no idea. Its Gloucester Royal hospital and I've never been there before as all my children were born in cheltenham. This is basically all I've been told to do, it was a very quick pre op appointment and not what I was expecting at all.


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