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Scared..told I need an op!!!

So it's been a few days since my last post and I can't believe how quickly time goes by my little girl is already six weeks old and I am still trying to get over her birth... So I was told I have a small piece of placenta left inside when I had a scan 3 Wks ago, I had to wait 3 Wks to see if my body would get rid of it on its own and have another scan and that was yesterday and it's still there smaller than it was but still there, I am on my 4th set of antibiotics to try and get rid of the infection I also have so the decision has been made for me to have an op to remove it, and I am scared I know it's a routine op but never the less I am worrying and to top it all off I had to have a blood test yesterday and I hate needles and I tend to faint when having them, so I told the doc and she said for me to sit on the bed just in case I was doing ok then the needle slipped out a little and as she sorted it a jet (the way my husband described it i had my eyes shut) of blood squirted out covering me, the bed, floor and the pillow my arm was on and worst of all the doc all down her scrubs, arm and her shoes she saw the funny side and said "well that's never happened to me before" by this time I was faint and was lying down with my feet in the air. So I guess I am more worried bout having the needle to put me to sleep rather than the op itself, I know I am being silly but the op is Monday so I have a few days of worrying ahead. I think it's called a D&C (short version to what they called it) has anyone else had one? Does it hurt? And how long was your recovery?

Thank you any advice or experiences might help my nerves and Sorry for the long post!


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Don't worry! Easy to say! But you will be fine!!!I have had four children in my day and 3 d&c and I have come through. Better to have your little op than to be poorly don't you think??? You will need to in good form to look after your little miracle!!!!! All the best robertaxxxx

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Thank you and yeah I am a little fed up of feeling rotten, just need to get my nerves in check I guess. Thanks again x


I know exactly how you feel, I was in your position in February this year. Except it wasn't noticed that early and I just got more and more ill. It was about 9 weeks after birth and I had to have the op straight away, no time for antibiotics anymore.

I'd never been under general anaesthetic and because I'm allergic to so much (severely, including penicillin) I was terrified of reacting to the anaesthetic and having an anaphylactic shock. So I wasn't scared of the needle but what would go into my blood stream. I worked myself up so badly, I think it's hormones and knowing that you are no responsible for a little one! I almost convinced myself I'd never see my boy again. Totally irrational but I think because I was so unwell and my hormones all over the place...

So I got there, they did all their usual checks (blood pressure etc), talked me through it, I cried, they reassured me, I cried some more... I had to walk to theatre which I found the hardest. There they reassured me again and talked to me, and suddenly I woke up and my little boy was passed to me and it was all over! I was exhausted for the rest of the day, kept falling asleep for about three hours, got some nice food ;-), and I think about 4-5 hours after having woken up we were in a car on the way home and all was fine. The procedure takes about 10min only by they way. I wasn't in any more pain than I had been before, in fact I was feeling lots better arrogant away and continued to get better quickly.

I hindsight I can say there is absolutely nothing to be scared about! It doesn't hurt at all, first of all as you're not 'there' during the procedure, and after you'll be so relieved it's over and then it doesn't hurt either.

The only issue I had was breast-feeding as I wasn't allowed to breast-feed for several hours after the procedure, because of the anaesthetic. I struggled with the breast pump through - always had - and ended up with mastitis. So if you breast-feed, make sure you have some formula for your little one (was the first time my boy had formula as I couldn't express enough in advance), or express in advance. And take a breast pump with you to express (and throw away) the milk afterwards as your baby can't drink it.

What got me through it was thinking that if I don't have it done I'll get worse and worse and my boy needs me. Just think of your little one, when it comes to the needle maybe try and distract yourself with some happy memories you've so far had with your baby :-)

All the best!


Thank you, I know I am being silly I just can't help it! And my little girl is on formula anyway as she would not latch on despite me, midwives, health visitors and even my mum trying for weeks to get her play ball. In Hindsight it might be a blessing in disguise as the amount of antibiotics I have been taking would have been going in to her (even though I was told it was ok)

I hate the thought of being away from both my children, even though I know I need it done to make me better so I can take care of them.


You're not being silly at all! These are natural feelings which pretty much every single person experiences before an op. I guess all I can say to you to try and help is , you've already had needles in your arm and got through it, its not going to be any worse than what you've had before and secondly.. you've been through childbirth!! Unfortunately as I'm sure you probably know, this op is essential.. you absolutely need to have it to prevent sepsis.. and as scary as it is you know what you have to do. Like the other poster says, its a short op.. and I imagine recovery time less than with chilbirth.. Line up some treats for after the op, wether it be favourite foods, films, pamper session etc... and be honest with the health professionals.. sometimes we don't realise just how nervous people have been for days and that people want more information etc. Ask questions and tell them how you feel... I'm a theatre nurse and believe me there are lots of people looking out for you in theatre when you are going through the procedure from start to finish, I know its easy for someone else to say! All the best sweetie, at least you only have a few more days then it will be over in a flash.


Thank you and I will try the treat thing, might get my husband to take me out for a meal :) x x


I've not had any experience of this, but is just wanted to say I hope it goes well on Monday. Hopefully you'll be feeling better in no time! X


Thank you x


Hi there, I had a similar operation to remove the retained products of conception in Nov 2012 after a miscarriage, Also known as ERPC, Evacuation of the retained products of conception. I had an injection to put me to sleep and I was in and out of theatre in less than half an hour. Everything went well. I went home a few hours later and had no pain or anything at all. I ma sure everything will be okay for you too. Like you I waited for weeks for nature to take its course but that never happened. The team that looked after me were amazing. I wish you all the best. XXX


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