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Excess amniotic fluid

Hello I'm 36wks, 5 days and really fed up. I've had polyhydraminos since about 26 weeks and my tummy looks like I've had a fight with Freddy Krueger. I've now want to have this baby quickly.

Can anyone share any experiences? I've been worried why my baby has such high fluid & got no explanation. I get breathless, tightness, piles and now my back has gone. Xx

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Hi there

I also had the same condition. They said it could have been caused by gestational diabetes as baby was also big (I was having regular growth scans). They tested me for this but it was negative. They said there can be several other reasons for it but didn't go into much detail and didn't try and investigate causes further. They said if it's not caused by gestational diabetes then in most cases they don't know what actually causes it and its nothing to worry about even if it is really uncomfortable. I was in agony by 36 / 37 weeks as I felt like my tummy was going to burst and I couldn't stand up straight as it felt like I was over stretching the skin if I did. Also I could only eat small quantities at a time, couldn't get comfy day or night so I know how you feel! In my case they decided to induce me a week and a half early which I was so relieved about! baby was absolutely fine (and still is 4 months later!). So in my case there were no sinister or worrying causes. But when my waters broke - boy did I know about it! Was like a tidal wave!! Lol. I know its easy for me to say, but you've not got long to go now! And when baby arrives it will all just fade into the background. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


I'm 27 weeks preg and experiencing the same issue. I even do not know what to do


I had this 3 years ago. Was very uncomfortable. Hospital should keep checking baby is growing ok. It might be completely nothing and normal, but when baby is born ask for thorough check. My baby had a cleft palete and couldn't drink milk properly. He had to have an operation at 6 months old. But I pray your baby is born healthy and well x


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