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Not looking for an answer! Just interested in peoples opinions/experiences!

I have a beautiful little girl who is 7 months old me and my husband have always planned to have more than 1 maybe 3 definitely 2! And I was just wondering what peoples experiences/opinions are on a good age gap im not looking for a text book answer just interested in what other people think! Hope all mums,babies and bumps are doing well! :)

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Hi!! My son is 10 months and id be pregnant already by now if I could have my way!! Lol my husband and I discussed our ideal age gap and agreed 18 - 24 months (we want 1 more) we are going on holiday in september so didnt want to be pregnant then, so we said we'd stop contraception then and not try as such but not be taking precautions! however, the need to move house and a free holiday in may has thrown another spanner in the works! Big age gaps just arent for me. Id like them to be closer in age so they can play better together and its easier for the eldest to accept a sibling when they are younger. But saying that I have a friend who has an 18 year old an 8 year old and a 4 year old and they have great relationships so really its what you and your hubby prefer. X


Hey hun I have about 2-2.5yrs between all of mine. I have a 5, 3 and almost 1yo xxxx


My eldest is 17 her sister is 16 (15 months gap) not planned! But worked out fine then have a 7 year old a 5 1/2 year old and a 6 month old baby ... If ur ready start trying then when it happens it happens! ;)


Hi Louise,

The age gap between my 2 children is just over 5 years ( as I gave birth to my 2nd child shortly after my 1st child's 5th birthday).

I always knew I definitely wanted more than 1 child & in the beginning it wasn't my intention to leave it so long but with the demands of careers, finding/moving home & etc.... we just didn't seem to get round to the baby making process. "Tee-hee.

The only issue that I'd say was a bit of a disadvantage by having a big gap between children is that my 1st child (born in 2008) had a bit of an issue dealing with sharing the attention he once had to now having another person in his space which needs feeding, changed & catered for. But of course as time goes on he or she gets used to it & I absolutely love seeing my son & daughter together.



Hi. My daughters (aged14 &16) had 25 months between them. I found this ideal as they always have been and are still very close (I was often asked if they were twins).

Now I have a 14 year gap when my son was born which is fantastic with eager, live in babysitters (though they do have GCSEs and A-levels going on).


Just over 3.5 years between ours, would have preferred them closer but nature has its own agenda. As it is there are a lot of advantages with eldest being more independent. We never used contraception after 1st baby, I'd say best to let nature take its course as things don't always go the way you'd prefer. Good luck whatever you do.


I have 3 :-) my first two are 20 months apart. It was difficult hubby worked away and potty train in one whilst changing nappie son other is hard but doable. They are boy and girl so have ups and downs. My third I have a gap of 5 years and I love it others are at school so I have all the time to spend with my youngest . The other two time was equally divided. That's just me I've shut up shop but if I could I'd wait 5 years again :-)


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