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Pregnant and 6 month old baby too!!! What am I going to do?


Yesterday I found out I was pregnant. Stunned doesn't describe it. My husband and I aren't daft, as soon as little one arrived I had the implant fitted and it is still there. So I don't know how far along I am etc.

I went doctor's on Monday and she diagnosed me with UTI so I was put on pregnancy unfriendly tablets. What if they've done harm? Why didn't she do a pregnancy test?

We weren't planning on more children but I can't contemplate terminating.

Sorry it's just that my head is spinning and don't know what to do.

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Hi. I haven't got any experience of this but sounds like you just needed to offload a bit. I don't want to give you any advice really as only you know your circumstances and I wouldn't want you to feel any pressure when things are already so overwhelming! If you can't contemplate terminating then maybe that tells you everything you need to know and the rest will work itself out?? It's still really early days so you do have time to get your heads together. Just keep talking to your husband & give yourself time to adjust.

As for the tablets, you only had them for a few days so hopefully won't have any negative effect. Just think of the amount of women who carry on as normal without realising they're pregnant! Hopefully the doctor/midwife can reassure you from a medical point of view about this.

Take care of yourself and all the best.



You might have noticed my last reply to you a couple of minutes ago & I honestly really do sympathise with you.

I agree with the 1st comment here & say speak to your hubby as much as possible & hopefully you'll be able to support each other in what you're life's are about to become.


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Sorry,, I also wanted to add - I know a lady who had 2 children very close in age together & her partner / boyfriend was never around much to help her with the kids.

As a result the baby she gave birth to 1st is such a independent & chilled Lil girl its amazing.



Hey. What a shock for you!!! Regarding the tabs, did the doctor have a reason to do a pregnancy test first? Did you tell them there was a chance you were pregnant or something?

I was on tabs when early pregnant (before I knew though doc knew there was a possibility of pregnancy) that I shouldn't have taken in pregnancy but all was fine in the end and my boy is healthy and everything.

I have no experience of this situation other than a brief scare a couple of months ago when my baby was about 4months old and I felt how I did at the start of my pregnancy. I was scared of being pregnant again so soon as that is not the plan. However, like yourself, there was no question of termination or anything for us. It was mad actually how quickly the possibility of another baby sunk in. I have no idea how you feel but hope the shock soon passes for you and you can think clearly about anything you want to do and how you really feel.

Take care of yourself, sorry if my waffle is completely unhelpful to you...I really didn't want to read and not reply to you. x


People have drunken weekends, smoke and do all sorts they aren't supposed to and then find out they are pregnant! The baby has been fine! The shock you're feeling is normal in the circumstances I would say. I would go back to the doctor for peace of mind and check about tablets. I also don't really have advice, I just didn't wanted to offer moral support. If you have been amazing enough to become a mum already then you will cope with two. Talk to your husband. Good luck x

My mum got pregnant with my sister when i was six months old (im now 30) she said it was hard work but she wouldnt change it for the world. I was such an awful baby she was half tempted to not have any more but luckily my sister was an angel compared to me! She went on to have my brother too. He was born 21 months after my sister so I was just three. It was hard work when we were little but now we are all really close. Hope it all goes ok for you xxx


Hey my little one is 1 and I got pregnant when he was 3 months old and my second baby was due on his birthday sadly I lost that baby but I'm 28 wks pregnant now due may 16th and my little one will be 1 and 5 months (babies were planned). Don't worry yourself to much about the tabs as when I didn't no I was pregnant this time round I drunk a whole bottle of wine with my mum and found out the week later I was pregnant just go bk to doc to see if they will change them xxx

Wow what a shocker for you both. The only way they will tell is do an early pregnancy scan to see how far gone you are. I had a similar situation 2 years ago where I got caught out on the pill and got pregnant. I was shocked when the doctors asked me to do a test and it was positive, I was shaking. As it would be my 3rd baby. Good luck, loads of people have children close together & the ones that are in my son's school get on really well with each other, you will cope, it's a mothers instinct to.

I know your shocked but like someone said if you don't want a termination then I think your mind is already absorbing the idea of a new baby. I have no experience of this but I think that you would be amazed what you can deal with and on the plus side with being off on your mat leave your get to send more time with baby number one aswell. You and you husband should take some time to let it sink in and I'm sure you'll surprise yourself

Sounds like your doctor will be as shocked as you! You will cope because you have to - most people seem to find that the early years are tough but once you get them to school/nursery/using a toilet on their own it gets easier by all accounts. I can completely understand your shock and worry.

Do you have supportive friends/family? Adoring grandparents? Loving siblings? People who will pitch in, even if only to turn up and do your washing up once a week, watch the kids for long enough for you to have a bath etc?


Hey! Wow what a shock! I'm sure your little one will be fine, despite this tablets, and like the others say, though you may not feel like you will at the moment... of course you will! Mummies are like super hero's! With the support of family and friends you will be amazing! :)

Reading your post made me think of my favourite saying...

When life throws you a lemon.. make lemonade!

Good luck! Xx

Thank you all very much. I already feel very protective of my little bean. When i initially went docs i said i am either pregnant or have a water infection and water infection flagged up. What will be will be, eeck! :-)

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