38+4 and feeling completely normal! No signs baby is coming on time!

Hello Ladies,

I'm currently 38+4 days and feeling very fed up of being pregnant! :|

I just want the baby to come but having no signs that labour is imminent, really don't want to go overdue as I am now just so anxious to meet baby! :( Any advice on how to get things going naturally at home? And also, I've had a couple of small 'leaks', clear colour and non smelling but being told it's pee :| Which I know it's not! Anyone had similar experiences?

Look forward to hearing from you ladies X

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  • I was like u, no signs what so ever & just had a feeling I was gonna go over. Not to put a downer on things but I'm 41 tomz :( and still exactly the same. Have an induction booked Tuesday so I know there's an end what ever way it happens but just wish my little girl would come. I've been taking raspberry leaf tea tablets & evening primrose oil for weeks, tried hot curries & pineapple but nothing has worked. I've been in work so keeping active walking thru the day and this has not helped either. My mother keeps telling me to drink Castor oil coz it worked for her but I know all that will happen for me is I'll end up wi diahorea, and don't fancy that :(

    Hope u have more luck than me :)

    And sorry not experienced the leaking fluid but I know a few ladies on here have and would recommend that u keep on to ur mw about it as some have ended up wi infections when it has been their waters leaking. X

  • I feel the exact same! I just know the baby wont come by next Saturday as I feel completely fine! I too am still at work and everyone keeps asking me why I'm still here, I think they're worried I'm going to go into labour while at work lol. I feel slightly tired but other than that I'm completely my usual self but I just feel like I've been pregnant forever and just want to meet my son! :( I've been trying pineapple too but no luck yet, hope everything goes well with you, do post when you have the baby and let us know how it went, Good Luck X

  • I literally finished work now, just got home. Was going to finish last week as I thought I could only work till dd but u can work right up until baby's born if work is ok with it. I only work mon-thurs and if no sign being induced Tuesday so not back in work Monday but even if its just fri, sat, sun, mon off and she dosent come I'm going to go mad lol, I've just started on tidying the house don't want to sit down I just feel like I'm waiting for something which is never going to happen :(

    I tried pineapple but read somewhere for it to have any effect u need a minimum of 8 whole pineapples. I might get 4 tomz as I'm home as slowly work through them. Im on the edge of trying castor oil as I'm sooooo fed up now. No sign still and she's a week over due :(

    Hope ur little boy dosent do this to u, I didn't mind a couple of days but now totally fed up. Xx

  • Be careful with castor oil! And pineapple for that matter...when it does happen I'm sure you don't want to have the runs as you push haha x

  • Knowing my luck all they would do is give me the runs and not induce labour anyway :( so unfair some ppls babies come when they are supposto lol xx

  • Ur not due just yet so he might come when hes sposed too

  • I went over ladies, 40 +6 even though I was ready to go as the midwife said at 38 weeks. Tried it all, the only thing that worked was acupuncture, they don't take you until you are over due & have an induction date so I rang on my due date but couldn't get an appointment for afew days, she said she wanted to only give if 1/2 a session & if it didn't work I could come back, had it at 4pm water broke next morning & went into full labour that afternoon. Would def recommend. Good luck

  • What was the induction like? A few people have said it's slightly more painful than natural labour, so I'm a bit scared.. X

  • Ps leaking fluid could be your hind waters but do keep an eye on it cos of infection and as awful as it sounds use a pad and then take it with you to midwife to show her, maternity pad would be best cos not scented like ordinary pads x

  • Hey its frustrating at the end isn't it lol. Keep an eye on the leaking...my waters were leaking on and off from 36 weeks. Got ill 2 days before labour at 41 weeks and baby was in distress due to infection and we were both in hospital with infections for a week and I took over a month to fully get rid of mine. I was told the whole time my waters weren't leaking xx

  • How will I know for sure if it is my waters? It has happened to me a few times but everyone is adamant I peed myself :( But this was completely different to urine, it was completely clear and odourless and I couldnt control it, happened a few times over the past couple of weeks and I'm just so worried incase it is my waters and I get an infection :(

  • To be honest I don't know as no one listened to me either!! Lol. I know next baby I'm gona tell them my concerns from the start and if something happens I will harass them until they do something as I do not want to go through it again. Keep an eye on how you feel. I got terrible flu like symptoms 2 days before he came. Temperature, constant headache, joints ache and sensitive skin. I called the hospital and they said it's normal....clearly it isn't. If you start to feel ill like that insist you are seen :-) x

  • I had no signs either at this stage either..things can change over night and I had my son just 3 days over. Keep as active as possible. .walking. .bouncing on ball. .I would say sex but as ur leaking fluid I wudnt risk tht. It will happen when ready..yep tge end is crap but we all been there x

  • Do things really change that quick? I thought women usually have lots of signs days and even weeks before. I have had no signs whatsoever and just getting fed up and bored now :( Will try the bouncing ball though! X

  • some people hav signs, some people don't. i was swimming day b4 gave birth as was beginning of sept and was warm, all fine got home went to bed and then contractions started, 6pm following eve i had a baby. it is boring and uncomfortable and every other negative emotion but u jusr gota hang it out x

  • I was told to walk, walk, walk, so I did and my lo arrived at 40+4 weeks according to the hospital date, but 39+6 weeks according to my date, having not given me any indication that arrival was imminent, until labour began. The due date they give you is just a guess date, it's a shame so much emphasis is put on it, because at the end of the day baby is actually due any time between 38 and 42 weeks. In France they give a due date at 41 weeks, so you wouldn't be overdue until after 41 weeks.

    I'm due baby number 2 in about 7-9 weeks (have been telling people baby's due date is the end of March this time, although hospital say 20th). Some people have already been asking "haven't I had the baby yet", they get put in their place! The hospital I'm booked in at actually do alternative therapy inductions, littlebean suggested acupuncture, my hospital offers acupressure, reflexology or aromatherapy massage - you can get these from normal practitioners, just make sure they know what their doing and obviously it means you have to pay for them - again they won't do it until you've gone past 40 weeks.

    Also, take littlebeans advice, stick a maternity pad in your knickers and give it to your midwife, then you can be reassured either way and they can't avoid admitting it isn't urine if they have evidence.

    Enjoy your last few days/weeks of peace, before chaos takes over and the hard, but very rewarding work starts. Make sure you've got some meals in the freezer for the first few weeks when you'll be too busy to think about cooking, bake some cakes and freeze them, so you'll have something to eat in the middle of the night when you're up with baby. Bounce on a birthing ball and do the cat yoga position to make sure baby is correctly positioned as that will help when labour starts. Get a pedicure or manicure and a hair cut, you won't have time to worry about what you look like after, spoil yourself now.

  • I will try the walking then and hopefully that will get things moving! I know the dd is just an estimate but I'm just so anxious to meet my baby at long last :) Feel like I've been pregnant forever! Your hospital sounds lovely! Mine does not offer those services but I would really like to try the massage. I am still at work currently but tomorrow is my last day so will be having lots of lie ins from next week onwards can't wait! Thank you for the advice I will defo try some of your suggestions! X

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