can mucus plug come away without any evidence of blood?

Ive not long been to the toilet and when i wiped, the tissue was covered with this jelly-like discharge that was clear, no blood streaks. Is this part of the plug / show? I thought it had to have blood in it. Very confused, I'm 36 weeks and contractions are making an irregular come-back this evening. Wish baby would stop toying with me :(

Any help would be lovely xx

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  • I had something that resembled a huge blob of bogies!! 36 weeks ish, like you, no blood! I didn't think much of it till a week or so later when I realised what it was!! (I was in morrisons and trying to remember what shopping we needed cos I forgot the list!! Lol) any way gave birth at 39w!! Xx

  • that is so odd for it to just pop into ur head like that in the middle of a shopping trip lol. it defo resembled stringy snot in a tissue, i just thought it had to have blood in it to be classed as ur show. Thanks for the reply, very helpful xx

  • That sounds like your plug to me. My show with my second baby was clear and midwife said that's normal. Sounds like you're warming up! Be patient, I know this bit is so frustrating x

  • im very impatient when teased lol. its like an older sibling dangling a chocolate bar in ur face and going "na-na-na-na-na u cant have it"...ill try and relax about it all but ur right, its uber frustrating. thank you for the reply xx

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