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Help about leaking waters please

Hi everyone, I think my waters went on Wed at 17:00. Not the Hollywood gush but enough to think they'd deform gone and feel wet etc. I didn't have any pains or anything so thought I'd put a pad on and see how it went. Definitely lost fluid but by morning seemed to stop for a few hours. Later in the afternoon I had more fluid loss and soaked a couple of pads through to my underwear and also had irregular mild what I assume are contractions. So I spoke to labour ward and went in about 10 last night. They monitored me and the baby and he is fine. She left me laid down too to see if any fluid would pool but nothing did so she had to examine me instead. She was undecided as to whether they had gone or not. ... She said there is a heavy discharge there but that is thicker than the clear fluid id described and felt. So after debating I came home with some of their pads this morning at around 1:00pm and told to monitor it. I have had some slight loss today but not soaking like yesterday so I'm confused as to what to do.... I'm really worried about infection with time ticking on. She did mention it could be my hind waters but I don't feel very confident without a definite answer. I am due to be induced a week today with no appointments in between. What do you think I should do?

Sorry for the ramble! Xxxx

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The same thing happened to me but I was 33-5 days with twins. On the Wednesday I had a gush of clear water, then nothing, same again the Thurs, Fri and Saturday (went to the hospital ever gush) but they always said it wasn't my waters but after my last visit on the Saturday night at 11:30pm I was sent home and told it wasn't my waters but lo and behold 1:30am on the Sunday my waters completely went!!! So I would say wheneveryou lose water just get checked out to make sure the baby has enough fluid that's what I did. Good luck hope everything goes ok xx


I'd say keep going back and being checked. I had little leaks from about 36 weeks. Constantly told it wasnt my waters.....even told me I must have wet myself - like I wouldn't know the difference!!! Anyway at 41 weeks massive gushes but by this point there were complications and me and bubba ended up in hospital for a week with infections after an emergency c section. I will never listen to them tell me I'm wrong about my body ever again!! xx


Like fattyboom said if ur sure then go back and say ur not happy as u are sure it's ur waters and ur worried about infection...apparently the rule is if u go to triage 3 times about the same thing they have to admit u so u know ur body don't let them fob u off! It's been left 2 days x


I haven't experienced this but agree with the ladies above. The potential risks aren't worth it - keep pestering them! Take care.


Thanks very much ladies. I've leaked a bit more since my post so going to go back as soon as my partner is home. Thanks again for your help. Will let you know how I go! Xxx.

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Be careful! I was told it was 'hind waters' been though mine was a gush all in one go! When I got onto labour ward 10 hours later she a different midwife asked what time I would say my waters broke so I told her. She examined me and said my waters HAD broke when I said and if it had been another hour before LO came I would have needed antibiotics. I'd ask for a second opinion if possible!


Hi, my water sent @ 32+ 5, been taken to hospital by ambulance had course of antibiotics for 10 days and steroid injection for baby's lungs. I had my waters leaking after on and off, with pink fluid, than clear fluid, etc.

Had the scan, to check how much water there is, it was all good. AS BABY KEEKPS ON MAKING FLUID IN THE PLACENTA. MY Baby is 6 weeks old, arrived around 2weeks after my waters went, still 7 weeks early. Been in intensive care for 3 weeks and than we went home with NGT feeding tube which is now out too.

For you the riskiest time after water breaks is first 48 hours as you might go into labour. I didn't, so you might not eighter.


You will be probably monitored @ hospital for first 48h of the waters going.

I know it's stressful and scary but both of you will be fine. Just try to stay calm for your baby. I wish you both all the best of luck xx


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