Finally here and super lazy!

Well my little man finally arrived on saturday! Tommy was a week early and weighed 7lb 1 :) and hes a real heartbreaker so im told lol. however he is the laziest bugger ever! All he does us sleep and he is constantly falling asleep while feeding! i just dont know how to get him to stay awake im worried he wont get enough to eat! oh the joys of being a new mum! good job i love the little monster x

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  • Lol Aw bless him!! Don't worry about not feeding him enough....they know what they are doing and take what they need. If he's falling asleep, he's probably contented and you know at this stage he will checked by midwives and health visitors :-) sounds kl, my little one didn't believe he was a newborn as he barely slept from the start! Enjoy your little man and congratulations x

  • Awwwrrh Congrats :-)

    My Lil one is the same, she's now 8 days old but from the 1st "breastfeed" she falls asleep mid way "which is fine" as long as she gets her sleep/ rest in-between.

    Cant wait to see a Lil pic of him


  • Congratulations :) Aww that sounds very peaceful and relaxing! Hope mine is the same ;)

  • Congratulations and welcome to the world Tommy :-) X

  • Thanks! Its peaceful but scary , sometimes I have to just poke him abit to see if hes ok haha. Fingers crossed he stays so chilled :)

  • Lol welcome to lazy Tommy!

    Congratulations hun enjoy xx

  • Just a tip, this is common for babies with a tongue tie, so worth checking out your little one. x

  • Oooo congratulations Susie and tommy! Hope he does stay chilled! Xx

  • Congratulations on the arrival of Tommy. Enjoy the peace x.

  • Congratulations and welcome snoozy Tommy :-) x

  • Congratulations and enjoy sleepy Tommy, it will soon change! X

  • Congratulations!! Xx

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