Rash on bottom of bump

Hi all! On bottom of my bump I seemed to have developed a rash! I have a few stretch marks down there but now has developed little lumps/spots and is very very itchy but is also very painful if I itch it! I can't get an appointment with our doctor for 3 weeks and have been trying to get hold of midwife for the last two days! Any ideas what it could be or what I could put on it to stop the itch?!x

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  • I had that....it was awful and I had it all over my bump. To be honest, I tried loads of things but nothing helped and it drove me nuts. I do have sensitive skin though so u may have better luck. I did get some relief laying an ice cold flannel on it. Have a look at my previous posts/questions about it......there were some good suggestions made by people on there :-)

  • I have really sensitive skin too :( so itchy but when I itch it's so bloody painful!! Thankyou :) will have a look!x

  • I get this a little bit too, mainly when my skin is dry. You could try some E45 and keep trying to get hold of the midwife in case the solution isn't that simple for you.

  • I had a rash last time, it was a Saturday and my oh was away. I spent the day at the hospital DAU because they took forever to see me. The doctor gave me some antihistamine, but no idea why I had it or what it was, the antihistamine took the itching away and the rash went down. Hope you get it sorted quickly.

  • Hi I had the same started at bottom pf bump on one or two stretch marksthen Iincreased. My pump got itchy the more it stretched which is normal but my rash appeared when I started itching and never really went away. I used a moisturiser everynight to keep skin soft of you have sensitive skin try aqueas cream can buy it over the counter. Antihistamines with citizerine in are safe to take during pregnancy. The cream will keep it cool and moist and the antihistamine will stop the itching. Good luck. Xx

  • Oh forgot to mention try not to have the waist of your clothes over the area if its low down as this will cause more irritation. Xx

  • Yes actually I was prescribed piriton which vaguely helped. I didn't get much relief from anything :/ creams irritated it more in my case for some reason x

  • go into your local boots and speak to some1 there, they will probably be able to diagnose what it is and provide you with the correct cream/ ointment until you can get into see the gp/mw

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