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Slave to a routine??

OK so I posted a few weeks ago about needing a bedtime routine and it seems that we developed one that's working well. So....I should be happy with this however, bedtime is generally around 8pm but what do I do if we're out for the evening say at Nanny's or family? Adapt the routine best I can to the environment? I don't want to undo all our hardwork but equally don't want to become a Mum who won't go anywhere because of the 'routine'!

I don't know...there's just no pleasing some people!!!

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Hi glad you got the bedtime routine sorted, I commented on your original post. We have just been on holiday and was worried what would happened with my daughters routine seeing we would be eating out later etc. However she adapted quite well. Literally when it got to 7.30 her usual bedtime, we would put her in her buggy and she would doze off. When we got back literally undressed her she was semi awake and she went straight back to sleep, if not we would give her a bottle and she would drop off to sleep. When we got back she went back to her usual routine. I wouldn't let the routine stop you going out you will probably be surprised how easy babies can adapt. X

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Agree with above u just adapt to whatever environment ur in they will be tired around that time so u just get them ready for bed and put them in buggy or pram and go back to normal routine when ur home x


Heyy!! Our routine is really fixed but if we do go out which tbh isn't very often! We just alter it to fit in with plans as best as possible, changing it once in a while shouldn't cause any problems for the following days x


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