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Really feeling so fat and miserable now! :-( how much weight do most mums put on during pregnancy?


Me and my husband had been trying for a baby for years and have been together for 9years now and nothing happened. We were due to have fertility treatment after I lost almost 3 stone to qualify on the nhs then managed to fall pregnant without knowing I was till about 8weeks so we're extremely happy I conceived naturally. But now my weight is going up and have already put on 2 stone and I don't see how! I don't want all the weight to go back on after how hard I worked before hand. Is most of this weight baby and fluid or fat?

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I put on 2 and a half stone in my pregnancy.....a stone of which went instantly when I had the baby and lost the fluid. I'm gona start exercising when my doc gives me the all clear as I had an emergency c section. But I'm not hugely worried about it. I'll just work at losing it and maybe a bit more :D x

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I've looked into the average is about 2 stone during pregnancy but for me to be at nearly 2 stone already I'm quite worried! I haven't been eating that much recently as have felt full a lot of the time. I do eat healthily but also eat food that I didn't when I was losing the weight. I just don't want to end up so huge that it's not all baby.

I can't wait to lose the weight but planning on breast feeding aswel so don't want to rush into any healthy eating that May affect my little girl and feeding.

Good luck with weight loss I'm hoping I don't go over the 2 and half stone mark! How old is little 1? X

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To be honest I don't look much different over my body than I did before pregnancy.....except belly stretch I dno where the weight is lol!! Breastfeeding should help your weight loss....I'm bottlefeeding so dont have that. He is 6 weeks today :-) x

Hey, try not the let the weight gain get you down, much of your weight gain will be blood volume, fluids in various area, baby etc. I have a feeling 10-12 kg is normal. How far gone are you? Is your MW worried about your weight? Baby growth? Etc how do you measure at eat visit?

I am 4-5 weeks post natal and am in clothes 1-2 sizes bigger then my pre natal figure. My legs & bum are still bigger, I am BFeeding so carrying weight there and have to eat more to sustain that, although trying to fit in eating around a new born is very hard!! I'm only now grabbing breakfast before next feed. One of my friends also told me it took until her baby was 8 months before she was back to her pre natal size and she was BF. It all takes time and is all for the good of your child xx

I just checked my pregnancy app, it says 35lbs increase!! And that was about 4-6 weeks before end of my pregnancy, my baby weighed in 7Lb13 at birth and I was carrying Soooo much excess fluid in my legs it was unreal.

Best you can do is roll with it, eat healthy & remember the weight will not fall off straight away & you will need to work at it as all of us will xx

I'm hoping most of it is baby, fluid etc. I'm only 29 weeks so when I weighed myself this morning was shocked how much I have put on as have been delaying weighing myself midwife didn't seem bothered couple of weeks ago when weighed.

I've got midwife later 2day so going to discuss with her as I don't want to get too big!

So when u are breast feeding did they advise u not to go on any diets etc?xx

I've never dieted and would defiantly not start now. I should be taking on 500 more calories a day for BF but who's counting :-)

So long as I have a good supply & he's gaining weight that's the main thing. Last weigh in last Thurs he was just above 50th Centile which I understand is average :-)

I am trying to get out more walking to try tone up a bit but I suffered with PGP at the end of pregnancy so I still have pelvic issues so am limited. I also sat about eating alot at the end due to debilitating pain so that prob didn't help my weight right at the end xx

No I'm definitely not going to be in any rush either. As long as he's healthy and gaining the weight from breast feeding that's what's the main thing :-) thanks for ur help and advice xx


Firstly well done you for loosing weight and huge congratulations on falling pregnant naturally!

Like the others said please don't worry too much. Weight gain is part and parcel of pregnancy! If you have concerns, then maybe speak to your mw as she may be able to refer you to a dietician to discuss the most appropriate meal plans for you if that's what you need and also go over the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle that suits you during and after pregnancy.

The main thing is you and your baby are healthy.

Unfortunately, all we seem to see is celebs popping back into shape and getting into size 0 leather trousers and crop tops 1 week after giving birth. In the real world it's really not like that!!

Don't worry too much!


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Thanks I will definitely be discussing with my midwife 2day as I have only just started to relax more with this pregnancy I don't want to keep worrying and feeling miserable.

I was wanting to diet as soon as she's here but won't be able to take the supplements and the diet whilst breast feeding and don't want to stay massive for months. My pic was at about 16-17 weeks I think I'm much bigger now haha x


Breastfeeding actually burns about 500calls per day but you need to eat well so you produce enough milk!

When was your profile pic taken? You look fantastic!

It is really down to the individual and the bubs. I started at 9st 8lbs at conception to 13st 5lbs at labour. But it was all pregnancy/baby really- he was 9lb 6oz. I had lost 2st 5lbs 11 days after i had him!! Not trying at all but am breastfeeding. I stopped weighing myself early in pregnancy as ut was going up so fast and i have history of eating disorder so wasnt healthy.

I really wouldnt worry as if your eating healthily it is most likely baby xx

Thanks I'm not going to keep worrying about it all my bloods came back ok no diabetes and midwife has advised me to not worry with weight so much but try eating sensible aswel. I'm definitely not weighing myself anymore! Xx

I used to be quite a lot bigger and I have struggled mentally with gaining weight again (now 23 +5) but my method is just to not weigh myself or think about it. Stressing isn't good and I have faith that if the midwife has concerns at any point they will let me know. I think you have to learn to get over the weight gain being about you and just think of it as the baby. But I really do sympathise!! x

Good advice, thanks :-) hope everything goes ok with baby x

weight is such a big issue for women with the media constantly bombarding us with pictures of these skinny celebs and slamming any celeb that dares to put on weight. Cheryl cole looked miles better with a bit of chub than the stick thin thing she is now, all gaunt. same with victoria beckham, she looked great back when "Wannabe" came out yet slimmed down to almost a twig!

The most important thing right now is ur health and baby's health. The best thing u can do is love urself for who u r and forget about these social pressures. U have a man who loves u as u r and a gorgeous baby on the way to complete ur family unit.

I live my life in a bubble and take great comfort in knowing that my fella loves my curves and flabby bits, regardless what the rest of the world thinks of my figure, hes the opinion that matters. That gives me my confidence to shine :)

I really do hope that u feel better about this soon, try not to stress over the numbers as it can all be sorted once baby is here xxx

Thank u ever so much! My hubby loves everything about me for some strange reason haha but I know what u mean I'm not going to be a stress head anymore and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. Hearing her heartbeat 2day was amazing and made me realise the weight is not a big thing ATM.

How's ur pregnancy going so far? Xx

thats great to hear! Im glad ur going to try to not be a stresshead, afterall if ur man finds u sexy, thats a success! I love hearing the heartbeat, it adds to the bonding with ur baby. What u'll find is that the weight will drop by quite a significant amount no sooner than uve given birth.

My pregnancy is going fine. Just had my week 25 appointment and had my spd confirmed and referred to a physio. I'm glad I can get some professional help now for the pains and niggles ive had. The joys of pregnancy lol.

I really hope u have a great pregnancy :) xx

I gained 25kg in my last pregnancy but only 13kg this time. I gained loads in the early and mid trimesters both times but not much in the last this time... still waiting now 40+5.

Last time I lost loads straight away (about 10kg) but then the rest came off about the same rate I put it on but then kept going losing it as I was still bf when I went back to work. Chasing after toddlers is excellent exercise! The only thing I would say is that you must throw away any leftovers that the kids don't eat if you are easily tempted!

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Let's hope that happens with me and not gain much towards the end! Haha hope ur little 1 arrives soon :-) x


It varies as how much weight people gain and from what I hav worked out what u hav gained is fine...theres no right or wrong amount. .as you say ur 29 weeks I am sure ur midwife wud of said by now if ur weight was an cousin put on 5st in her pregnancy but it was literally all baby and fluid. I was so sick in my pregnancy and towards the end was living on cereal and ice lollies as thts all my stomach could cope with..since I hav had my son and with breastfeeding I am somehow a size 12 now when b4 I was a size 16... i dont kno how much weight i gained i havent ever weighed myself. .all I kno is I weighed 88kg pre pregnancy. I literally hav hardly any time to eat anymore.but when I do I make the most of it lol. Dnt worry and enjoy ur pregnancy. .i went swimming so maybe u cud do tht as its gd for u and baby.

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Yeah I know what u mean just hope mines mainly fluid and baby. Midwife 2day isn't concerned so that shows probably over thinking things too much! X

Hi there, don't lose hope, you've already shown the determination to lose weight before and once your baby has arrived you can work toward getting your figure back.

It does take time and realistically it does have to be a combo of diet and exercise, because its shape change as well as weight loss. BF and staying as active as you can during your pregnancy (swimming, yoga, walking are all good) and adopting a healthy eating pattern all help over the longer term.

Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy and don't worry about it :)

I wouldn't even be able to tell you how much I've gained. In pregnancy books they tell you you get weighed regularly and in my home country I know that women get weighed at every appointment.

I myself got weighed at the 8 week booking appointment and that was it. I'd love to know how much I've actually put on, I can see I'm bigger all around, but not having seen the weight increase over time I'm now a bit scared to weigh myself (haven't got scales at home) and freak out by how much it is. Have you all been weighed regularly or do you know from stepping on the scales at home yourself?

Ultimately, I guess as long as your blood pressure/sugar etc and the little one is healthy and well, then you don't need to worry about weight gain too much - but that's me saying it not knowing how much I've put on ;-)

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I get weighed at ur first appointment and at 36 weeks. No need to do it any other time.

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I was weighed at booking appt and 12 wk scan that was it :-)

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I don't know whether I'd agree, I've never seen the same midwife twice so no one would know whether I've put on or lost weight and isn't that sometimes connected with pregnancy diabetes etc? I'm not desperate to get weighed and I think I'm doing ok, but I wonder whether it might be helpful in some cases.

Either way I've only ever been weighed at 8 weeks, so not sure the 36 week rule applies to all hospitals?

I gained 12 kilos by about 30 weeks and then only gained another kilo by the end. I lost 8 kilos as soon as baby arrived. The other four seem to be cake, so I'm just avoiding dessert, cake etc and eating healthy snacks like ryvita with low fat cream cheese etc. Not making any difference yet but it's only been 3 weeks. Btw I wouldn't get too keen on the extra 500 cals you "nees" to breastfeed - body can take that energy from the extra inches on your hips, that's why you gain some extra fat in pregnancy.

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