35+5 wks & measuring a bit small

Hi ladies, Just need to get something of off my chest so here I am

So I had a 35wk ante-natal appointment this morning with my community midwife & everything seems to to fine with my urine sample test & blood pressure & etc.....

we then had the usual measurement & listening in & the baby's heart beat is fine but she measured just below the centile line.

Due to this I have got another scan appointment to see "for sure" that everything is O.K. Im not too worried about this as Ive always thought i would really like the chance to see the baby again (before birth) but Im a Lil worried about her position at this stage in the pregnancy now!

The CMV did say it's probably just something to do with the position the baby has moved to as she seemed to be lower & a Lil more forward facing since the last appointment.

Im probably just worrying about absolutely nothing ( as I do) but I must admit im very excited to get the chance to see the baby again before she's born :)

"even if she is all curled up like a hedgehog" :)


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What did they say u were measuring? I had the same around the same time and midwife thought it was because he was transverse. ... measured ok at my scan so try not to worry too much x


I think my CMV said something like the measurement is just below the 35cm line & as a result would just be more reassured if i had a scan!

Thank-you for the reassurance :)


I had exactly the same hun! 36 weeks was measuring 33cm! Had another growth scan and all was perfect!! Tape measure thing is daft in my opinion!! :) x like you say at least you with see him/her before birth!! :) xx


Thanks hun! :)

I did say to the midwife I think she might just trying to be a bit naughty as just before I got in the room I could feel some kinda "shuffling" movements like she was trying to be hidden. LOL!! :)


He he these babies are monkeys!! I frequently felt like bump was growing then shrinking! He has grown out of it now but in the first few weeks Hugo would curl up on my chest with his arms and legs tucked in! Guess that's how he was inside!! If all your other measures have been fine I very much doubt there will be a problem! They just like to be cautious and cover their backs! Did you watch "the midwives" on channel 2 this week with the woman who's baby was growing small? Made me so mad!!! Xx


Abenaaa, I agree, I would not take too much notice of the measurement because when your 35 week the baby could have dropped etc. I say you have the right attitude by just looking at it as an opportunity to see your little girl before she finally arrives. :-) x


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