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Anyone Due October 14th or around then & know when they concived.. Isit the day your scan back dates to?

Hi ladies! 1st time mom.. & Just still confused on the whole pregnancy date things!

Im due October 14th, & My scans back date to the date of January the 7th or 8th.. So is this when I would of had sex to become pregnant.. as I thought I had a period in January,

Just wondering as the day is drawing closer!! aha

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Yes, I've got a calendar thingy in my book which makes the 1st date of your period the 7th - that is considered to be the start of week 1 of the pregnancy even though you probably ovulated about two weeks later. So I guess you concieved around the 21st if you have an average length menstrual cycle but all that necessary for calculating your due date is the first day of your period, then through the dating scan they hope to get a better picture of babies exact gestation. Am I making sense or rambling on?


oh yes.. no I get you :) so I never conceived on the 7th or 8th when my scan back dates to. My cycle is abit off but I know I had a period but my period come about the 11th as I chart them, that's why I was put off a little. but I suppose they have taken the 7th from a normal 28 day cycle. I thought it could of been implantation bleeding .. but it couldn't of been else I would of been due before the 14th of October, if im thinking right .


Completely possible that you started your period on the 11th (making you due on the 18th) but that at your dating scan your baby looked a little bit bigger and they 'moved' your due date back a few days. Dating baby's due date is not a very exact science (women with longer cycles tend to have a longer gestation for example) but it is done in a standard way - I've always held to the idea that you should see your baby's due date as the middle day of a 'due month' as baby's can and often do come anytime between 38 and 42 weeks. The only reason it might be good to bear in mind if you know your period started on the 11th is if you go overdue and are given an induction date - if you are actually 4 days 'less' pregnant than your due date suggests you might (not saying you should) factor that into making a decision about it.


oh ok, ye ino when I started as I write them down, as iknow there not a normal 28day cycle, so even though they moved It back did they still just move it back to a ''last menstrual period day'' not a actual day of conception . & I agree.. I am preparing to be a little over due x


I'm due 11th which from scans says my LMP was 4th but I was 7th... Confusing isn't it...I think I conceived the 19th Jan x


so confusing, Dunno why I fuss because it don't matter just its nice to know aint it I suppose

So there was noway we was pregnant from the day our scan back dates to.

Same.. I thought my conception was somewhere after the 16th. x


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