my little prince has arrived :D

well a long wait...13days late my little gorgeous prince arrived on sat 21st at 14:51 weighing 9lb9,

he is so lovely, has lots of dark hair. such a cutie

went to hospital on fri 20th to get started had to get the gel 3times but still no signs of baby coming, then on the sat morning at 9am the doctor broke my waters, a few hrs laters the contractions started, the gas and air was great to ease the pain, then at 14:51 my little baby boy arrived,im such a proud mummy x


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17 Replies

  • Congratulations :0)

  • Awww wow! Congratulations hun x enjoy your prince xx

  • Happy days !! Can't wait to meet my lil prince :) enjoy xx

  • Ah lovely and 9lb9!!!!

    Congrats x

  • Oh a big boy!! Congratulations! x

  • Oh a big boy!! Congratulations! x

  • Wow quick labour big congrats xxx

  • Congratulations! X

  • Congratulations...! X

  • Congrat

  • Congratulations! Another boy! Does your little prince have a name yet? xx

  • Congratulations! Good size baby too!! :)

  • Congratulations :) x

  • congrats xx

  • Big big congratulations xxxxx

  • Congratulation xx

  • Congratulations xx

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