Growth scan recommend, 38 weeks today ?

Hi ladies, so went to the midwife today for 38 week appointment and she asked if I have had any growth scans through my pregnancy I said no and she said well I would like to send you for one as you are measuring quite big !! I measured 42cm and 38 weeks today, has any one else had such a change with size as I was 36cm 2 weeks ago !! Or has anyone had big baby but still natural birth ?? Any advice/experience appreciated thanks ladies xxx

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I measured around that with my second child and she was 9lb 10a week early they thought I had gestational diabetes but I didn't. .. but I also had polyhydramous which means excess fluid...I had lots of amniotic fluid but I also retained loads x

I measured big and was referred to hospital but they did nothing except check for gestinational diabetes- not even a growth scan. I had a little boy naturally with vontuse help at the end, he was 9lbs 6oz but I was in labour for 22 hrs! Lol

Thanks for your reply ladies :) I have been checked for gestinational diabetes and I don't have that so that's a relief !! I think I may be carrying a bit of extra water as I always have anyway, I'm not to concerned if he's a big baby so be it he's gotta come out either way lol, it's inly really just hitting me that within the next couple of weeks I will be having this baby that I've carried and get to see what he looks like and so on all exciting stuff and scary as this is my first xxx thanks again ladies xx

How do they measure you? Thanks

They measure the size if your bump, from the pubic bone up to the top of the uterus. They then plot this on a chart in your notes. x

My first was 12lb and he came out fine on his own with just a midwife's hands to help him :)

I was only 21. I looked like the michellin man before he was born because I was so big, and don't get me wrong, it hurt so much I thought I was going to die, lol. I vowed I'd never have any more.........

Number 2 arrived 10 years later at 8lb

Number 3 arrived 18 years later at 8lb

So don't let a big first put you off x

Omg that's massive lol that must of took some hard work !! I've got my scan this morning so will post update soon xxx

So had my scan and he's around 7lb 7oz he was just stretched out yesterday :) so just a waiting game now xx

When I was in hospital with prom there was a lady in getting checked over 4 diabetes at 36w & she was measuring at 42. As she had the all clear frm diabetes thy didn't do n e thing, sometimes it can jst b water. Good luck everything.

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