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Feeling rubbish

Its 4:08 in the morning and I cannot sleep!

Throughout my pregnancy other than morning sickness I haven't felt too bad, but Monday I had a Hep B vaccination for work, and last night & tonight just haven't been able to sleep, I've become full of cold, with a nagging headache, feel really thirsty and just generally run down.

I never feel ill after injections must be because I'm pregnant, not looking forward to my flu jab if I feel like this from a hep b jab.

Sorry for moaning, haven't really had a moan since my morning sickness but needed to get this off my chest while sitting here at 4am wide awake.

Plus gotta get up for work at 6:30 hope I can get back to sleep for the last couple of hours!

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Aww hun :-( nothing worse than not being able to sleep. Im sure its just cz your feeling a little off colour hope your feeling bit more like yourself soon xx


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