3 D SCAN at 32 Week Please Help

Hello I booked 3D scan on my 32+0. They say 28 week is the best I am a bit late since the baby is big enough. On their webpage it is written up to 34 weeks. I planned to go at 33 week. Anyway, my question is is there anybody who went araound 32 week? Are images bad? My aim is to learn the weight of the baby, lenght of the baby, placenta position, babys position still can I learn them?


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  • Hi hun im sure I read in a leaflet a 4d scan best time is around 26-34 xx

  • Me too. I said and the lady said it is late. The comedy is on their webpage they wrote from 24 to 34. I will be 32. I wanted to go at 34 since 6 weeks left for labour. I could see and get details. However they scheduled me at 32.

  • if you are generally worried about baby size etc if you have a word with your midwife they can book you in for a fetal assessment scan which will answer all your questions,if your just curious I would keep your 3d scan and see what you can see,good luck either way x

  • Thanks dear..

  • I had one at 27+4 weeks but the baby was lazy and wouldn't move so we couldn't get very good images. They invited me back (at no extra cost) when I'll be 31+3. The company I'm going with recommend 26 - 34 weeks on their website but it's better up to 32 weeks when the baby still has a little more room to move.

    They should be able to tell you all you want to know at the scan.

  • I am 32 weeks and had 4D scan on Sunday. My baby was facing down but we still managed to see his face, his smile even him drinking water. Our DVD is great too and we got few photos of him as well :-)

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