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20 week scan.

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I have my 20 weeks scan in 2 weeks. I receied the letter, but it didnt say if i needed to have a full bladder like the last one i had. Does it not matter now?

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Apprently no, feel free to go & use the toilet as soon as you get to the hospital. I also thought the same thing @ my 20wk scan & the sonographer / midwife was having difficulty seeing & measuring the baby accurately because of all the fluid in my bladder

Not to mention its damb uncomfortable :-)

no u don't need a full bladder, the baby should be big enough for them to see what they need to see x

Thank the lord haha. Thats settled me now. I wont have to suffer the pain of keeping my bladder full!

Good luck! Mine is in 10 days and I can't wait!

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Good luck! And thanks :)

Go as you are & if they need baby to lift up or move position they'll soon send you off to fill up your bladder in no time at all. I had to go off and get baby to move as was all twisted, 1l of cold water brought, walking about and jiggling my belly worked a treat. Have fun the 20 week scan is AWESOME!! So much has changed and you won't believe your eyes :) Xx

I struggle to hold it in though! I know im so excited! I cant wait :)

I understand that, just pee before leaving to go, chances are you'll need to go again before you go in room, nervous excitement & all that. Get working on your pelvic floor. :) X

Ok thanks :) x

I was told I needed a full bladder which I had when I went for my scan and was busting for a wee !!! Then she said my bladder wasn't full enough I could of cried and wee'd myself at the same time, she sent me off to drink more water and luckily that did the trick :) personally I would make sure like the first scan that you have a full bladder if unsure give them a call xx

I was told with all scans I didn't need a full bladder....don't know if it depends on the hospital and equipment standards or anything :/

hmm I didn't have a full bladder at either of my scans..yeh maybe depends on hospital...maybe drink a bit and if u need to drink more u can or if u need to empty it u can...I wouldn't go in bursting as they do press quite firmly and with a full bladder that's not comfy.

I think ill just go with a full bladder just incase. Ill probs need to go toilet weather im full or not!

Thanks for your replies ladies, much appreciated :) x

At my first scan, they asked if I needed the loo before I went in. My letter didn't specify a full or empty bladder was required so I inquired and was told that an empty bladder was better as they get a clearer image. Like others have commented above; I'd give your hospital a call and ask them before you go. I definitely tend to need the loo when I'm nervous (went 3 times in 30 mins earlier today before my 4d scan lol)

I was told full bladder for the first scan, then the letter for the second scan didn't say anything about it. I gave them a ring and they said no need for a full bladder for the 20 week scan. Hooray! It'll be so much more comfortable. My first scan was wonderful and everything, but I did spend the whole time thinking "please don't pee myself, please don't pee myself". Worth a quick phone call just to check - save you feeling uncomfortable if you don't need to.

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