light bleeding at 8 weeks

Hi am 8 weeks pregnant roughly. Three nights ago i had light bleeding for about an hour, which was new blood. Then two nights ago i had light bleeding most of the night with a small clot. I had no pain or cramping, now i have a continuous yellow discharge and think i may have a urine infection. Have i got anything to worry about, i never contacted anyone


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5 Replies

  • They say bleeding is not uncommon in pregnancy but don't ignore go to A&E if it continues.x

  • I had similar symptoms and told my GP about it. He sent me for an early pregnancy scan and thankfully everything was OK. My bleeding lasted for two weeks.

  • Even Though women do bleedu should always get it checked... they would of sent u for a scan. .. yellow discharge can be very light bleeding.... they can't scan u at wkds... ridiculous really! Ring ur maternity unit and ask for advice and see ur g.p first thing Monday morning so they can send u for a scan x

  • i had a heavy bleed at 8 weeks and it scared me so badly that I ended up in a&e. After a horrific time waiting for the drunks to all be seen first as we were not seen as an emergency by triage (obviously a swollen ankle from drunken revelling is much more severe....but thats another story!) we were eventually admitted to EPAU for a scan. Turns out I had a haemhorrage (sorry for the poor spelling) just below the sac and all that means is that the lining had ruptured and leaked blood that was a bit like a period. I had no cramps at all, only the bleeding and if it was my period, id have been curled up in corner with a hot water bottle rocking with pain.

    Anyways, what I was told was, the only time you need to be very worried is if you get fresh blood with cramps. It is most likely nothing but always good to get checked, if not for your own peace of mind. Also, probably best to visit A&E during the day... avoid the drunks xx good luck

  • thanks very much for repying i appreciate it, i will take all your advice and go and get it checked out x

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