Does anyone else worry?

Had my 20 week scan 2day and baby was in an awkward position, baby's development is perfect and now can try start relaxing although I'm Still finding it hard to relax and keep thinking something will go wrong. Does anyone else feel like this? We're having a girl which I'm extremely happy about as wanted a girl :-)

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Yep me! It doesn't help when you read awful sad stories of miscarriages :( I'm 26 weeks today and keep looking at my 20 week scan pics and worrying that my baby (a girl too :) ) has no arms and stumps for legs!!! I'm sure the sonographer would have noticed that at the scan though but it doesn't stop me fretting. I think she is having a party inside me tonight which is comforting :)

I don't think we will ever stop worrying now - even after they have arrived - there will always be something to worry about, it's a mothers right lol x

I know that's what's got me worrying despite being half way through still a massive worry! We've waited so long for this baby and after going down fertility route we found out managed to conceive without help so I must have a bit of good luck behind me. Her heartbeat was fine and everything else just need to relax but so hard. My sonographer was really good, and yes I think they would say if anything wrong. :-)

Good luck with pregnancy x

Yes me too! Keep thinking that anything can happen even at the last minute. Although it was a relief to hear that my baby girl was healthy at 20 weeks, I am now worried about preeclampsia as they found out I am at risk. I am trying my best to calm down with various relaxing techniques but it cannot be helped sometimes...

What do they advise with preeclampsia? How far are u? X

I am 22 weeks. At the moment I am at risk but have not developed preeclampsia yet. For the time being they are monitoring my blood pressure and protein in urine. If the values get out of hand they will give me medication. If it gets really bad I'll be admitted at the hospital.

Yes I'm going thru a real anxiety stage is Horrible. .. but think alot of us women feel the same. . There is no one more precious than ur children and they are and will always be our babies no matter what age they are. I'm scared of anything happening in this last stretch and the birth them when they are here u worry and check they are breathing! My friend had a good out look shesays however heartbreaking if something happens then u have to deal with it best u can but u can't keep worrying about it. .. she is a strong woman who has been my crutch many times. ..u need to talk about ur fears but then put them to the back of ur mind because they will spoil what should be lovely times of u dwell on them too much xx

I will get there I'm sure but now knowing still have such a long time till she's in my arms I think worry will still be there. Looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again and that's always a good sign :-) good luck with pregnancy x

I think i was born to worry...since i was a child i always worried about things.i think and imagine too much as well.i had no good night sleep since my son was born and he's 9 being pregnant with health issues all the time and problems with doctors/midwives dont help.i've got 2sleeps till my baby girl is here and it terrifies me...i am excited but...i'm so anxious that something will go wrong during delivery or that i wont heal propely.but hopefully seeing my little girl will help me deal with everything

Me too I take after my mum with the worrying! Wow so that worry never goes even when they grow up :-S

Aww so u haven't got long, I hope everything goes ok for u x

My case is so out of the blue.. And I found I was pregnant at 31 + 5. I worried that there could be numerous problems as I hadn't exactly been looking after my body as if I was pregnant.. And nearly 2 years later, I sit opposite my perfect little girl. She's incredibly bright for age and incredibly happy!

Really? I didn't know I was pregnant till I was late by 3 weeks and worked out I was 8 weeks pregnant so don't know how that far gone would be possible. X

Yes! At my 20 week scan,my little man was sitting in a funny position and also had cord up round his neck :( which has completely put me in panic mode! But like they said they would do something if they were worried. Dosent help me though! We found out we were having a little boy which we were delighted about! But I'm in constant panic mode now, but saying that think I will be until he is in my arms!!x

So I presume cord released from his neck itself? How long do u have left? X

Yeah, he was still head up so still has to turn yet, but she said he would move it when turning. I'm 24+1 so still got a little while to go!x

Olivia's head was up by my belly button and legs above my pubic bone. I can understand why u would still be worried but I'm sure if a concern would of said and he will move :-) did they advise u to do anything at all? X

Nope! They said they would check at next scan to see how everything was, but other than that she was very happy and said nothing to worry about! And he is a verrrrry active little man so I'm happy :) think I just worry so much as well as he is my first little one so everything is new to me! Did your little girl eventually turn round?x

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