Failed Sweep

I'm 39+6 and saw midwife at 2pm yesterday, she offered a sweep and I agreed desperate to try and get things moving however she said baby isn't low enough and she couldn't complete the sweep. When I got home I had blood on my knickers and a snotty blood (sorry for tmi!!) when I wiped. After speaking to a friend who is a midwife she says this sounds like it could be my show but this morning I still have brown blood when I wipe after using the toilet. Also baby's movement seemed to have slowed down considerably since the sweep but I don't want to seem daft ringing the hospital if nothing's wrong. Usually have a fairly active baby but not sure if she's just having a quiet day?

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I dont know much about this but if I were you I would at least call the hospital. I am only 25 weeks but got in a panic a few weeks ago as I couldnt feel my girl (who is also very active) moving around at the normal time she wakes me up (5am! lol). I went to the hospital and they were extremely supportive even though I felt like a bit of a fool when as soon as they had listened to her heart beat she started kicking :-) I think if you are worried at all, call. Sure every thing is ok but best to check. Good luck xxxx

Sounds like your plug so that's good! Keep active as poss today make sure baby is moving but if your worried give them a call..all the best xx

Hi it sounds like your plug has come away id keep moving around if your concerned about babies movement phone your mau and have a chat with them to put your mind at ease keep us updated if possible xx

Yes If her movement seems different to you it is certainly worth talking to a midwife, the hospital wont think you are daft so don't worry about that. The mucus and blood sound normal to me - I have had sweeps and whilst they've never really got me started I've always had some sort of show after - it often carries on for a few days (or until baby comes!) so stock up on the panty liners! If you get fresh, red blood or anything else you think is odd then save your towel to show to the midwife (I know it sounds a bit eurgh! but helps them to judge if it is normal or not). Another thought is though that babies sometimes have a less active day before labour starts - like they are having a little rest so maybe things are getting close?! (I'm not saying that you shouldn't check her movements out though - they will probably ask you to count her kicks for a bit). Hope things kick off soon for you. Best wishes.

Knock knock who's there labour!!! Sounds like your on your way and the midwife did a good job really. Keep moving and active wishing you the best of luck xx

Don't worry about seeming daft- hope you are already on your way to hospital day assessment unit or triage to have baby's heart rate monitored, babies movements can be encouraged by drinking something cold or eating something high in sugar for temporary reassurance if nothing at all has been felt for a worrying amount of time (baby movements can change toward term but should not diminish in frequency), if ever concerned go & get checked. Good luck & happy motherhood!

Thanks for replying I hope so! Not getting my hopes up too much though! Nearly cried when she said she couldn't do the sweep! My poor partner took the brunt and has been really nice, can't say I'd be as sympathetic if the tables were turned!

Really hope it was your show and it does sound as though it was, however having had three failed sweeps whilst waiting for my son, it could just be where they have tried to do the sweep and have caused a bit of bleeding- nothing to worry about. Really hope baby xanon is on the way! X

Sounds like your plug. If you are still experiencing lack of movement then I would not even hesitate but to contact your midwife. My midwife said to me at 28w that if I am unsure about movement then to contact the hospital straight away.

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