Hard topic and not the nicest.. Very sorry if you are eating your lunch! Constipation and piles :( making me severely upset!

Okay so very very sorry for tmi or if you are eating your breakfast but desperately seeking help as I am so embarrassed about it and it is really really starting to upset me! For the last two months of my pregnancy I have been suffering from severe constipation. My mum told me to try fybogel and it has been working well but it's still not making me regular.. I can not go for four to five days, possibly longer. I've improved my diet but it's an endless battle as need quite a bit of sugar if not I end up fainting. And now to add to it I am starting to get piles which I am really upset about as I though fair enough I will get them after giving birth from all the pushing.. But not before!! I'm not the most confident person at all so have booked two doctors appointments but then cancelled them :( I just find it so embarrassing to talk about to anyone, even my own mum(and must say I'm quite proud of posting it on here because it has taken me a lot of courage to do so!! It is also starting to hurt when I'm sleeping if I'm due to go.. Having the pressure of needing a bowel movement, bump, and a full bladder is very sore and causing severe pains! I really don't know what to do and can't take another 3 and a half months of this, it's getting me so down :( anyone had an experience like this and found something that helped? Again sorry for tmi!

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Hi Mango - don't be embarrassed! Loads of women get constipated in pregnancy so I reckon almost everyone on here has some idea of how you feel! Good for you that you posted. I've never really had piles (don't know how I escaped that one so I don't have any tips really but I'm sure someone has!) but have definitely had bouts of constipation. I have always eaten dates (the really nice Medjoul ones which are not dry and stringy) - If you like them they might help with that sugar low too as they are a really sweet little boost. I read an article somewhere too which said that they are supposed the have other health benefits in pregnancy and for birth. I know it's really difficult if you are working but go when you feel you can and try not to put it off. The other thing which springs to mind is whether you are taking an iron supplement as when I had to take iron in my last two pregnancies that made my constipation much worse until I switched to a more natural iron source (Floradix or Spatone are two natural supplements) GPs/Midwives usually prescribe ferrous sulphate which is not very easily absorbed by the body and causes constipation. You can ask them to prescribe another supplement. And much as you might dread it if it continues in this way you might need to go and see the GP, it might seem horrible but it is better than suffering in silence. All the best, hope it improves for you soon.


Oh Hun u can't suffer in silence...I'd carry on with the fibre gel but maybe try a spoonful of syrup of figs now and again before bed I find that really helps me it's great stuff...with the piles it prob weight of baby now putting pressure down have got to go to ur g.p...they can prescribe great creams with lidocaine in them that numb the area giving lots of relief also when they are bad u need to rest to take the pressure off too much standing makes them worse! And just make sure u ask the dr for a repeat prescription and pack the cream in ur bag for hospital cos they only give u over the counter stuff which for me doesn't touch the sides...I've suffered from them since my first daughter nearly 17years ago and I have had them so bad I've taken strong painkillers as well as the cream but obviously being pregnant u can't take the painkillers but the cream is a godsend! X


I found that cutting out bread and drinking plenty of fruit juices especially organge juice is helping me go more often. Also with the orange juice you get a nice hit of natural sugar too. When ever you feel like you need to go don't wait and also even if you can't go straight away stay there for a little while just lightly pushing occasionally. Hope it improves soon x



I know how you feel, I also have piles :( although didn't really suffer too bad with constipation. I went to the Doctor and he was sooo nice about it and made me feel much more relaxed. They will probably check if it is on the outside or if it isn't visible then may have to just insert a finger to check the inside.. gross! But I felt more sorry for him having this as part of his job. He prescribed a cream called anusol which I used a few times (it is safe when pregnant) when it was painful.

I haven't changed my diet too much but found if I had cereal like shreddies - which doesn't sound great but worked- this helped me keep regular in the mornings!!

Hope this helps just try not to feel embarrassed you will be in the doctors room for 5 mins then you will have a solution that will help you feel comfortable!


Try anusol for piles nothing embarrassing I had them throughout my third trimester as for constipation eat loads of fibre and liquids am still constipated now I gave birth 2 weeks ago....


well done for taking the first step, asking for advice! It can be really embarrassing to talk about but ur gp will have heard worse in their career and will be more than willing to help with this.

I suffered badly with ibs constipation before getting pregnant and found i was only going poo every 4-6days but since being preggo I've gone 2weeks between each poo. My usual meds were teaming fybogel with lactulose and docusate sodium but I'm no longer allowed the docusate so have had to improvise.

If fybogel isnt working on its own, try adding 10mls of lactulose with each dose of fybogel that u take. it may help speed things along. Also adding things to ur diet like wheatibix is great. And drink alot of water / squash. The more fluid u drink the puffier u poo gets, making it easier for ur relaxed colon muscles to move along.

I hope u feel better soon. It really sucks having this symptom and I really feel for you having piles thrown into the mix, u poor thing! If nothing seems to work, see ur gp. Its wont be as embarrassing as u think, I promise xx


Poor you! You're definitely not alone - I've had really bad constipation too. I do think if you go to the doctor then it won't be nearly as bad as you think - they deal with things like this every day and won't even bat an eyelid.


Hi Mango401,

I got very bad constipation me too and piles, for constipation it was so hard I tried everything and didn't work but now I found something,try to have 2 or 3 dried figs,some dried apricot,some preunes and some sultana and 2 biscuits of weetabix with milk ,have all this for breakfast.

hope it will work for you, and don't forget to drink orange juice and lot water, and eat fruits.


Thank you so much for all your support! Has made me feel better about all this as was getting me so down :( I have been shopping today and have got everything suggested so will give it a go and hope for the best! And also booked a docs appointment. Like you all said, 5 mins of embarrassment.. Sure It won't be as bad as child birth!! Thank you all so much again :) xx


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