Fluid build up :(

Hi everyone,

Seems like im on here winging about one thing or another but is anyone having trouble with water retention? I'm thinking it's prob to do with the fact I have a 46 inch uterus now with having twins. But it's all up my legs, ankles, feet, bum, front of my womany bits, bottom of my bump and my fingers are terrible. I'm drinking at least 4 ltrs of water a day but I feel like I'm supplying my legs with water and not managing to wee much when I go to the toilet. I was in the hospital again! Yesterday and theyve said it's just going to continue until babies are here I will do what I can to keep them in as long as possible but it was even worse this morning :( does anyone have any ideas on how I might even be able to lose a bit of water? Xxxxx

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Bless u...I feel for u, I had really bad fluid retention worth my second they called it polyhydramous or something like that.... it was really bad and I was carrying too much amniotic fluid as well they ended up taking me in 12 days before I was due. .. but at least it was winter u must be really suffering in the heat. ... maybe try not to drink so much. .. if ur not weeing it out ur obviously retaining it and just keep ur feet up as much as possible... they are taking u in early aren't they? How many weeks are u now? X

I'm 33+5 now I think the consultant might do something at 36 weeks at least that's what he indicated on Wednesday. But I'm finding it really really difficult even to bend my legs to get into the car etc to even go to the hospital :(

I can safely say I hate the heat haha, it's definitely made things a lot worse than they were and from what I can gather its gonna get worse. Hope you are ok xx

Please speak to your GP too. There must be something you can do. I don't know what is safe medically in pregnancy but I am sure your doctor can suggest the right thing. In the meantime it may be useful to have a pregnancy friendly massage. Moving the lymphatic fluids around with massage always makes me pee like there is no tomorrow :-)

Ive just come back from the hospital yet again and theyve said there's nothing that can be done but I see my consultant on Tuesday so I'm gonna pin him down and let all of my ailments flow out :) but all of the midwives have mentioned how much there is its a bit frustrating xx

Have U got an orange like pouch oat the bottom of ur belly? Bless you they have got to do something shame it isn't Monday cos u may of got to see him. ...maternity units don't function well at wkds!

Hey Kaz, try not to worry too much. You are describing many of the things i have or have had to a degree. The fluids in ALL areas below the bump have been there for a long time and I found this particularly hard to accept especially for the lady bits as I was embarrassed about it!! My legs too whilst do bend do not bend as they should due to the fluids but I know this will go after the birth and my partner just says we have to carry here to support the weight of our growing babies. I don't however have swollen fingers but you do need to keep an eye on any sudden onset excess swelling as this could be sign of pre-eclampsia.

You mentioned in another feed about leaking from lady bits, this again I have experienced in last few weeks, I would find I would get clear liquid like water getting up in the morning, trickling down inner thigh, I thought its prob normal, it probably happens all the time but as I have been lying down it pooled there until you get up and move about. I also thought that as baby is now drinking & wee'ing that the amniotic fluids might need to somehow replenish themselves? Am not sure, was not worried enough to do the research but I might now as you have it too and we are exact same term! :) xxx

Hi did u not get ur waters checked out that sounds like a lot! X

No as to me it was a few dribbles which I thought was accumulative overnight due to being horizontal and any fluid losses in day would probably go unnoticed as up and active. Should I have been concerned? Just trying not to over react to stuff cause that's not healthy X

I just found this: nhs.uk/Conditions/pregnancy... It says that can get a clear discharge that can be confused with urine but its not

Hi there, Ask your consultant about compression stockings, you'll need to be measured properly but it may help with the pooling of fluid in your legs by getting your circulation going. There was a recent article (May'13) in a mw mag (practical midwifery I think) which discussed the benefits of graduated compression stockings. Will only a few weeks to go he'll probably fob you off but they're not too expensive. You can buy them on the internet costing £20 and up, GCS might even help your energy levels too. Also don't cut down your water too much as your body will start to hoard it like and internal reservoir. Hope you feel better soon :)

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