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When do you pack your hospital bag and what DON'T I need?

I keep being told I should be more prepared and have a bag packed my now - I'm 31+5 weeks - I still think its a bit early! We know that we'll be staying in hospital for a few days and don't want to take too much. Any advice as to what is essential and what I definitely won't need?

Thanks :) x

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If u know ur staying in for a few days then id take stuff like shampoo conditioner shower gel etc so u can freshen up. ..couple of bras, couple of nighties. . Few Pairs of knickers in case u come through. . Big Pads and thin ones. .u may bleed heavy or u may not..superdrug do kotex which are thicker than always. .. breast pads. ... Change of comfy clothes if u want to get dressed.... for baby pack of nappies. ..a few vests sometimes poo can leak so u can change a couple a day. .. same a few sleep suits. ..cleaning stuff for baby ifu want to Bath him/her... cotton wool to clean baby... baby wipes. ... hat for baby sometimes they can have trouble keeping warm so they say put a cotton hat on..and a camera to loads of pics. . Oh and for labour some drinks and nibbles. . If ur having a section u may want to get big knickers I did but other people I know have worn normal knickers.... if u have too much at least u can take it all home. .. especially if ur on for a few days Oh and some magazines ....ohhh I'm getting excited thinking about all xxx


Phone Charger!


Sorry for waffling... I don't pack my bag til 4 weeks before but I'm so lady minute.com and add things right up to the end and keep double checking cos I forget what I've packed! Oh and some sudocream can't think of what not to take x


I don't know why you're always told to take pillows, as though hospitals don't have any?! I don't know why they tell you to take a dressing gown either, they make the wards baking hot for the newborns. Take enough nighties and pants, you may well bleed through. Last time, the midwife asked me for my baby hat the second she'd arrived, so put that at the top of your bag so she doesn't need to rummage! Lip balm is wonderful after all that lip biting/panting etc!


And most important than all: your antenatal notes!


Thanks for the replies!!

I'm going to be one of those mums that turns up with a huge suitcase lol! Thankfully, most things I've put on a list. There's just too much to think about! I just want little man to be here already - the excitement is getting too much. I still need to wash all the baby things and do the final touches on the nursery!

I think I shall go shopping this weekend and make sure I have everything else I need and then have a slllooooowww packing session :D

I've been downloading games onto my ipad for the few days we are there - Its the not knowing the exact length of stay that's frustrating me. My bf doesn't drive either, so we are having to rely on others to take me in & want to try and get everything in in one go rather than keep asking for them to make extra trips!

Just another 8 weeks.... x


I packed mine from 30 weeks with my first. Pretty good job I did as I had him at 36weeks.

Just pack what you need for your stay and then at home put a pile of clothes like yours & babies coming home clothes so your OH can bring them in when you get the nod that you are going to be discharged. The last thing you want to do is take a whopping great big suitcase in with you and the midwifes tripping over it in the delivery suite.



Im only 25+ weeks & ive started packing things into my hospital bag already. Im planning to have a vaginal birth so depending on the time of labour / birth i plan to be straight in & out but i totally understand your grief about wanting to take a great big suitcase in.



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