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Feeling low in mood

Hi all lovely ladies.i'm 36weeks now and since yesterday i've been feeling so down...:( even looking at my baby's little clothes and other things dont help.i've seen the consultant yesterday about elective c section.i knew its gonna be hard.i need another appointement in 2weeks time with her,then another scan and a chat with anaesthetist.she offered me stretch&sweep at 38weeks.but the thing is i know i cant do it...i really want c section.i understand that natural birth is better for the baby,and i have a huge respect for those who through with it.I also think that some fear is completely normal but natural birth is just not for me.after having such a traumatic delivery with my son 9years ago,i suffer from panic attacks just when i start thinking about it.i thought i will forget about it,but everything cameback to me.i ignored my fears thinking that once i see and feel the baby ,i will be fine.i have been unable to enjoy this pregnancy because i was and still am constantly worrying and all i can think of is the fact that i simply cannot do it.i know all the risk c section involves but i'm so ready to take wasnt easy pregnancy(had a laparoscopy to exclude cornual ectopic,bleedings,infections,bv,spd now) so if i knew i can have a c section it would save me so much stress and worry...i actually see natural birth as a death sentence for me...:( i know all the doctors would be there during delivery but i still cant stop thinking like this.i tried everything:pregnancy yoga,hypnobirthing,classes with midwives but that didnt take any fear i'm worrying so much that actually i feel sick.i dont think there is anything you could actually write. I just thought i'd feel bit better letting everything out...

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I was told by the guy who done my epidural with my last son that you can have post traumatic stress from a traumatic labour so don't feel fobbed off stick to your guns...and don't let anyone make you feel bad....I complained about my 3rd labour cos it was traumatic and my consultant was brilliant made sure the best midwife was on and she even Came to see me to make suture everything was going well..I was the same started panicking and when I complained reliving the details again made me cry it was an awful experience but I'd had 2 previous good labours before that so gave it a go for. A vbac again and my last labour was the best u do what is right for you Hun....shake that heavy feeling off and look forward to the labour u want and what will make you happy xxx


Stick to your guns. I have to say, I wouldn't want a vaginal delivery again - mine was too horrendous to want to relive! Definitely affected bonding between me and LO too.

If you have trouble vocalising what you want (and why), write it down and give it to your consultant next time you see them. Xx


Thank you for your replies.i've written down how i feel but she wasnt having it.all she was saying was every labour is different etc.i know all never know whats gonna happen.she thinks if i have a scan and see how big is my baby,i'll change my mind...but my son's delivery wasnt hard because he was big (8pounds).i'll still insist on c section anyway but i wish i could have an answer now so i could be free of this stress and worry. Thanks again gave me some hope xx


Kinda know how you feel.. I'm 21+3 and I have really bad anxiety attacks and I'm actually terrified about giving birth wether natural or section.. Obviously have to get baby out some how but I'm just so terrified for some reason that I'm bringing my anxiety attacks on.. Trying not to stress out to much as only at 21 weeks and still have a while to go! But not enjoying my pregnancy whatsoever as all I can think about is giving birth! I'm not scared of the pain.. I actually don't know why I'm so scared! And my midwife is useless and not supportive in any way!! But I would deffo stick to your guns! Yes all births are different but from what hearing it dosent make the second time round any easier! So do want you want, it isn't her giving birth after all it's you and you should be as comfortable as you possibly can be!!x


Hello ,not to worry go ahead with the c section I had my labour induced went through 24 hrs of labour and never progressed !ended up having a c section with the intense of the labour pain I just didnt see myself pushing I had diamorphin twice epidural twice all never worked I kept on asking for c section and I ended up having one and Ive got a gorgeous little daughter 2 weeks old now.x


im 36+ 1 , i got booked in for my 2nd section on thur at 35+6 ( baby to come 16th aug at exactly 39weeks ) much to my relief . i had got so anxious my bp and pulse was crazy high and babys heart rate 2, we had to have a trace and have my bp checked several times to makesure it come down .

after having a tramatic emergency c with my 1st , initially after i was all for vbac but as time went on (hes 3 , 4 in nov) i just couldnt handel the thought of going into labour only to end up in another emergency section,i had mass feelings of being a failiure and do not look at the time with my new born son as joyfull and this makes me extreamly sad , he is totally my world and i feel i was robbed of the precious happy times with my baby.

i would love a natural uncomplicated delivery but my desire to birth naturally is far out weighed by my fear of another emergency, i knew this from early on in pregnancy and went in to my consultan at 20wks having made up my mind for elective , as i had a previous section i went in presuming this would not be contested in any way , however that consultant was dissmissive of my choice selling all the good points of natual and all the bad of section, all of which i knew prior to going in . i got very emotional and tears were pouring down my face talking about my reasons for decission and it was a well thought out process but also caught off gard so probably more emotional than factual argument as such .

i am a strong minded opiniated forward person and takes a lot to make me cry ( my mum was sat in shock at my reaction and only realised then the affect the birth had on me and is now beating herself up for not realising at the time what i was going through at the time ) consultant had put on my notes i wished to have an elective but still put trial of labor which i was not happy with and that was there till thur !

i went looking for all the facts and figures as to y i wasnt a suitable candidate statistically for v back and personally for my mental and emotional well being also . i wrote it all down armed and ready for any opposition i would get from consultant and worked myself up so much over that 16 weeks wait, i saw my consultant this time ( last 1 was a stand in ) she was nice , went through my options and explained everything in such a different manner it was so reassuring and when i said i wanted elective basically booked me in no problems , at taking my bp she was concerned , i explained i was anxious about being pushed in to vbac , she totally sympathised with me said its my body, my baby and my choice , they couldnot make me do anything i was not happy with ! even if i did go into spontanious labour , i would be accessed and consulted as to my progression and it would b up to me if i wanted to go straight to theatre or happy to progress and have regular accessments, i could at any time request a section if my progress was not as it should be .

the c section guidlines ( think its n.i.c.e) have change , if you can have a genuine fear of natural birth even if you havent had a privious experiance u have to be counselled and if u still feel the same they have to offer u a section ! i went in to my appiontment with the notion of if my consultant didnt agree with me , i would request a different 1 and would not leave untill i had what i wanted , lucky for me it didnt come to that .

i would not b happy waiting for 2 more weeks if i was u , at 37 weeks ur classed as full term ! if u went into labour now unless u had complications u would b forced to birth naturally ! if you dont want that u need to sort it asap

all the best sorry for my essay.


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