My bump is very small and very slow growth also not gaining weight

I had 3 scans .one at my 8 weeks ,one nt scan at 12 weeks ,on e foetal anmole scan at 20 weeks now I'm 27 weeks preggy .i want to know my baby weight and growth rate and health status and abnormalities of my baby . Which scan is suitable for me ?? I heared about 2d,3d,4d scan and growth scan and presentation scan ? How many scans are availble ? If I found that baby weight is less i would eat more after knowing . Other wise how can I ?

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  • SomePeople eat loads and have small babies some people don't each much and have big babies... i put onthe same amount of weight with bothmy girlsand oneWeighed 7.6lb andthe other9lb10 myneighbour only put on a stone in weight and had an 8.1/2lb baby so doesn't make a difference what u easy I think x

  • I didn't have a bump until I hit 28 weeks, I've not put in much weight either. I can still get into some of my pre-maternity clothes at 36+5! Flump's estimated weight today in scan is 3Kg (about 6lb 6oz) 55th centile, so try not to panic...

  • Eating more wont help you will just get fat.

    Ring the private scan clinic and ask there advice on which one they think is suitable for you.

    My sister put on loads of weight and had a 6lb baby I only put on a stone or so and had a 9lb baby. I know someone that put 7 stone on when she was pregnant ( I know how mortified would you be) and hers was only 7lb.

  • i didn't really get a bump till 25 weeks, am still in mostly pre maternity clothes and am in same bras as before. I am just all bump so obv few things cant wear, i am sure if thre was a problem with ur growth/bump the midwife would of said something, my friend hardly had a bump at all and she popped out a 8lb 5 baby, eating more will probably make u feel pretty crap as i am finding now tht if i ate same size portions i used to eat i feel extremely uncomfy and am quite often sick in mornings. try not to worry, u can have 4d scans but obviously they come at a cost and aren't cheap and aren't done at the hosp.

  • At every scan we were told what the scan had found and shown the stats, maybe we were lucky with our hospital, if you are concerned request an additional scan and ask to have the results explained, speak to your midwive or GP. If it helps, I didn't put on much weight when pregnant and had a small baby full term at 39+4 and 5lbs 2oz, her dad is small, her granny is small, some babies are just not big, some mums do not put on much weight, there is no normal in this whole pregnancy thing

  • I'm 25.5 weeks now and everyone says I've got a very neat bump. My colleague even joked that I look like a swallowed a malteser. After our 25w scan we were told that we'll be monitored and growth scans will be needed as our doctor was concerned that our baby may be small even though right now he's at a normal size for his age. My midwife was surprised that growth scans were requested because everything is fine and the baby is normal size. My colleague is 2 weeks behind me and her bump is way bigger even though she is a size smaller than me. It's her second pregnancy and people say that bumps grow quicker when it's not a first pregnancy. So everyone is different. I wouldn't worry about it.

  • Was your 25 week scan a uterine artery Doppler scan? If so and you had high blood flow resistance, to be offered 2 - 4 week growth scans is normal, regardless of babies size at the time.. My Doppler score was 0.61 (crappy) with notching (very crappy). Flump has remained on the 50th-60th centile though, which given my partner is 6.2 and was 9'2" is probably a bit wee, but (s)he seems happy and healthy :-). I was high risk for placental insufficiency though, so have been in aspirin since week 12. Hate to think of the state of things if I wasn't...

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