20 week scan :)

After what seemed like ages of waiting, yes I am impatient, had my 20wk scan today at 20+5.....what an amazing experience!! I'd heard a horrible story about a girls bad news at this scan a couple of weeks ago, so I am so relieved and thankful to report that everything was as it should be! Baby was cooperative in getting all measurements taken, and I got to see so much! I had been worried as I have felt so little but it turns out my placenta is positioned between baby and my skin, so that wud explain it! Ahhhhh, in a very happy little bubble now with hubby.....haha and no we didn't find out the gender, fancy a little surprise!


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  • Arrrwwwh that's nice. & good for you by willing to wait to see the baby gender. I personally couldnt do it. i think i remember being a Lil hasty & asking the midwife if she'd got down there yet when i was having my scan LoL!


  • How lovely! I'm so glad it turned out so fantastically (not least as mine is a week today and it's nice to read positive stories!).

    Also very impressed with your fortitude in not finding out the gender. My OH and I are going to do so (mainly so we can cut the naming arguments in half)


  • Haha! Thankfully we'd both said from the start we wouldn't find out sooooo it might be a long wait until November!! Think I was just so relieved to see it wiggling around that I didn't care!!

  • Ahh congrats glad all is ok xx

  • Aw good luck for urs! It really is magical and helps everything sink in a little more. As it is baby number1 for us, we feel a bit clueless! Oh I am with u on the names, don't no how we'll ever come to an agreement! I only announced my pregnancy on fri to every one, apart from family n close friends who knew, nd feel like I can finally enjoy it all!

  • Fab that all went well xx congratulations xx

  • Love surprises. Defiantly the best scan you can get its long and detailed and very interesting. Glad everything went well. Enjoy your pregnancy Hun xx

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