Again Gum Problem and Bleeding and shaking tooth need adviceee

Is there anybody like me? I am 20 week preg and 1 month ago I went to dentist and he told me I have ultra sensitive gum. I have small ballons between my teeth and everytime I touch or brush they bleed. One of them is serious and now aching and shaking again. What should I do again dentist? Except this what are you doing?

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Def go see dentist again. I find using a manual toothbrush makes me bleed but when use Oral B electric it is nearly 100% better. Flossing is a whole different story but am not going to stop for a little blood. :)

Have U been using corsodyl? Is very good for gum problems

My dr did not recommend it. Have you used it?

Yes And my dentist said it was ok to use just not long term as it can stain ur teeth. .. is very good u will notice a difference straight away use it for 2 weeks then have a break. ..and have a break then just use when u need it x

i had bad gums around 20 weeks. went to dentist, had clean and polish and was given a mouthwash on pescription (bit stronger than corsodyl). and i use it twice a day. my gums hardly bleed now. and are so much better!

mind you the dentist told me, however much they hurt, make sure you brush vigorously as during pregnancy plaque builds up more. x

what is the name of the mouthwash? I have like ballons in my gums

i had those too. it was awful. i still have it behind my front teeth but rest are perfect now. i cant remember name of mouth wash but can find out for you when i get home x

What do you think about Parodontax toohtpaste? I think it is good for gum disease

Get The corsodyl mouthwash too it is brilliant it works very quickly x

I bought it and used twice but my dentist said not to use it I dont understand..

I would ask them why. ... my dentist said it was ok but not long term, if u are concerned always check with ur g.p but I've been fine using it a couple of times a week x

The ingredient in corsodyl is chlorhexidine, cordodyl should be used with dentist supervision in pregnancy so I am surprised at their recommendation not to use it. However the company manufactures a weaker strength version called daily defence and is very effective. I would also think about using a very soft toothbrush like a babies or childs brush. Good luck

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