mums-to-be evening meet ups?


This blog is a bit different to the other ones I have seen on here so not sure this is the best place to post but just thought i'd throw it out there anyway... If there would be a better place to post it then let me know.

I'm currently 24 weeks and am keen to start meeting mums at a similar stage to me so that I can start building up a bit of a social network early as none of my friends have started having children yet and I have no family here. I'm currently near Barnet and Haringey areas and am happy to meet up for walks and/or coffee in Finchley areas/Muswell hill area/Crouch End. I am already booked up for NCT antenatal classes beginning in August but many of the other social meet ups seem to be during the day and I don't go on maternity until the end of August. I can therefore only meet up evenings or weekends at the moment. I already attend an exercise class for mums-to-be in the area and it's been great to meet up with others who are in the same position as me :-). Feel free to drop me a line. Would be great to get a little social group together :-)

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Hi, me too! I am coming up for 26 weeks. Currently in angel but moving to highgate (hopefully) in August.


Hey, great to hear from you:-). I live realy near Highgate (in north Finchley at the moment but hopefuly moving to East Finchley or Muswell hill end of July). I'm hoping to organise some meet ups within the next couple of weeks so i'll def keep you posted :-).

Also, just to let you know, if you're looking for any other opportunities to meet mums-to-be then i'm thinking of volunteering with NCT (the Barnet branch as i'm sort of between Barnet and Haringey at the moment). Their meeting is on 2nd July, 8pm at Weavers Bar, Barnet.Apparently it's mainly other mums who volunteer anyway so perfect opportunity to meet others early :-)


Just thought i'd let you know...there is a meet up for mums-to-be next Thursday (20th June) in the Old Dairy pub, which is on Stroud Green Road (Finsbury Park) at 8pm. It's for mums-to-be in the Haringey area who are due to have a baby in July/August/Sep. It will be signposted by NCT signs but it's not just for NCT members. It's free. I found out about it on Mumsnet. It may be useful for you if you're going to be in Highgate by the time you have your baby. Let me know if you plan on going :-)


I'm in st Lucia next week (last trip away just the 2 of us!)


Hope you enjoy your trip. Next time round, you'll have a little person with you saying 'are we there yet?'... :-)


Am going to give tomorrow night a miss as barnet is further than I really want to travel. Let me know if you plan any other meet ups. The next event in highgate I can attend will be when I'm off work. Planning to head to the bumps and babies lunch 29 August (I know ages away but everything is during the day which I know we will appreciate when off!). 2.30-4 archway road. Hope last weeks meet up was good. The site doesn't notify me when you reply for some reason but will try and log back in. Karen


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