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pain in left hip

I am 26+5 and over last few days have developed pain in my left hip, almost like I have pulled a muscle. I did move house at the weekend I didn't lift anything heavy but what backwards and forwards and did quite a lot of cleaning etc, so i dont know if its that or if its pregnancy related, it hurts more so when I sit down, like I have been kicked really hard and it hurts first thing in morning when I get up to go to loo I feel like an old lady having to hold onto the wall. I have been sitting on some frozen peas but not sure its doing anything. Just wondered if any of u experienced this and what u did about it?

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Ohhh sounds painful! It's not siatica? Spd? Think ur going to have to go to ur g.p...but frozen peas or a hot water bottle is good x


Hi, I had hip pain during my pregnancy mostly at night and first thing in the morning. My yoga and active birth teacher suggested sleeping on a duvet. I tried this and although it never got rid of the pain but it helped! Other people in the class also suggested not wearing pj bottoms to make sure the circulation is better in that area.

I also had a bit of siatica but that was in my bottom and leg and the only thing that would help that was lying on our squashy sofa.

Hope you find your solution. X


yeh might see if I can get gp apt, easier said then done mind. I have actually been sleeping on a duvet purely as I am too hot to sleep underneath it. Its ok when I am sat on the sofa but when I come to walking around I have developed a limp and look like a right wally. x


Defiantly could be spd hope you can get an appointment. Take some nice warm baths. And also apply ice with help with any swelling that has developed that may cause you some pain too. X


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