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20 week scan tmw


Obviously it's a big scan to check for all the major abnormalities so feeling nervous about that...but also excited to hopefully find out what I'm having!!!! I've been so confused about what I'm having...it's def a baby lol....but at first I thought girl then now I think boy...I have loved the keep wondering but am so excited to find out, so tmw is d day......hope everything will be ok and whether it will be pink or blue......eeeeeekkkkkkk! :)

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Ohhh how exciting :) 20 weeks is the best scan.. hope everything is ok and you get to find out, such a special time :) good luck and let us know how you get on :) xxooxx


Arrrrh! Im well gel. haha :-) my 20wk scan is coming up on the 20th june. "feels like ive been waiting forever already" . Let us know what the gender is & I'll keep counting my days up. xx

aww soo exciting!! i cant wait for 20 week scan,.....best of luck and keep us nosy people informed!!

OMG are you going to find out. I reckon we are going to have the same, I dont know why just feel it in my waters.


Lol what urine or amniotic haha...will let u know tmw afternoon scan is at 12!!!!!!! X

We chose not to find out - felt strongly in my first trimester that Flump was of the girl variety, but now thing of Flump as being a boy... Who knows!!! 5-8 weeks until I find out one way of another!!

DrFluffy in reply to DrFluffy

My two year old nephew thinks it's either a puppy or a rabbit :-o

Allyemo1985 in reply to DrFluffy

Brilliant lol :-)

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Lol lets hope not! Kids are so funny...keep sayin to my youngest is it a girl or boy he just keeps saying yeah it's a girl or boy...

Will be thinking of you today when your having your scan. Best of luck enjoy seeing baby and finding out the sex hopefully hear later from you on the outcome. Xx

Thinking of you, I remember how exciting and nervous I was:) good luck Hun xx

oooh exciting. my 20 week scan is 4th July and it might as well be next year it feels so far away - just wanna knoweverything ok. good luck with yours - will look forward to waiting to hear how it all went :)

keep checking for your updates but then just read its not till 12, i had to wait till 3.30pm last week and it seems the longest wait ever

x x x

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