20 Week Scan

So Friday finally arrived, and we stupidly had made the appointment for last thing in the day as we werent sure the other half was going to make it, as always he did everything in his power and after being out in a field for 4 days on exercise got in the car and made the four hour trip home to me on Thursday night (welling up at the thought of how considerate he is) he put up with a lot on Friday before the appointment, he took me off out for lunch to take my mind off things, we did a littel bit of shopping and we were visited by my big brother but i was still a nervous wreck that something might be wrong.

So 3.30pm finally arrived and all i could see was a big beaming smile from the other half, the sonographer was lovely talking us through everything she was checking and looking at, everything fine and measuring at the correct date.

Then came the question..... Do you want to know the sex?? i looked at Pete and he looked at me and i said yes please, Sonographer followed up with are you sure? yep we were sure, Sonographer then came out with is it not obveous? well being the complete novices we are we looked at the screen then each other, nope no idea, Sonographer "your having a boy, can you really not see it, look theres its..........." me "oh yeah" not sure how i missed that, although he hadnt said it before got it out of him, he would have been happy either way but secretly really wanted a boy.

So after last weeks deliberation about girls names as i was convinced it was a girl and Pete also throwing another girls name in there at the 11th hour, we are set on one boys name and all the family are saying it now, cannot wait for little Ewan James to arrive :)

We went shopping on Sunday with our baby savings so far and it was so much fun, lots more fun when you know the sex and its an added bonus that i can avoid the pink as im not a pink fan at all

Again sorry for going on

x x x


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17 Replies

  • Ah congratulations that is lovely news. Got my 20w scan a week on Thursday, dont think we are going to find out, we have got 2 little boys so hoping for a girl but will be grateful for whichever. Just want to see it's healthy heart beating.

  • So glad everything went well flossy1688 and many congratulations on finding out your having a boy :-) the scans are amazing aren't they. Xx

  • ahh congrats, I am having a boy too but not 100% on a name. :) xx

  • Congratulations! So glad everything was healthy and happy, hopefully that will put your mind at ease a little. Little boys are lots of fun! :-)

  • Thankyou, think we were both secretly hoping for a boy tbh

    x x x

  • Hello Ladies

    Megzey-think i could have gone without finding out, but Pete was desperate to know, and with him being away so much he said he wanted to have a little something to keep him going.

    Allyemo1985-scan was amazing Pete and i were beaming from ear to ear :)

    Ceribean-We pretty much had our names decided from deciding we wanted to start trying, athough Pete really wanted Eli :/, didnt make that any better for myself watching the book of Eli with him a few weeks ago, think if we had been having a girl the decision wouldnt have been made yet as we had a few names we liked

    x x x

  • ahh, lol...i love ewan, my cousin is called ewan and has a brother called james. my boyfriend kept coming up with boys names before we found out so was just aswell hes a boy, we do quite like rory but hav still got 3 months but thts top of the list so far. xx

  • I really like Rory btw, think i know one little one called Rory, its an unusual one but not a silly name if you get me?

    x x x

  • Aw congrats :) I was 100% convinced i was having a girl as wel but its a boy, after a little time getting used to the idea im over the moon :) Ewan James is a gorgeous name :) xx

  • i cant take the credit for the name Pete thought of it and i loved it as soon as he suggested it, the James is after my big brother we had already decided on that, and Catherine was going to be the middle name for a girl after his mum

    x x x

  • yeh that is what I like, a name that isn't too common but not ridiculous and I like a short name, me and boyfriend both have 4 letter names so I just think with rory theres not many options to shorten it. theres a lot of cute names out there but I have so many cousins that most of them have the name I like or there are just some names I like but are too common at the mo and don't want him at school with 6 other children of his name. xx

  • exactly, my mother in law said theres 2 things you have to think about when choosing names, 1 that the initials dont spell anything silly well we have EJM dont think you can make much out of that and that you like the shortened version, dont really think you can shorten Ewan to anything

    x x x

  • Ah congratulations all exciting stuff...I've got my scan on fri sooo nervous but excited! :)

  • I really wish there was a "Like" button on each comment! Massive Congrats on having a baby boy! :) I'm not really into the pink, and I'd like a boy too... Gotta wait another 23 weeks though! :0/

  • Duppy, are you waiting till you have your little one before you find out then? i think its nice to do that im just too impatient lol

    x x x

  • Oh, that's wonderful :) How exciting! And what a lovely blog to read this morning.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

  • Aw wow congratulations sweetheart !! I am 16 +4 and we have decided to find out at the birth as it's our first ( and possibly only one as I'm 38) . Although I think for planning your so right as there is only very limited neutral colours.

    I think we are having a boy and my husband has had 2 dreams its a girl... He dreamt at the 20 week scan they accidentally tell us it's a girl and he was like... Nnnnnnooooooo, hee hee.

    We like Lawrence David for a boy which is lew's grandads and my dads name and Scarlett Ann for a girl as Ann is my mums middle name.

    It's a massive decision isn't it as you don't want to regret it later.

    All the best in your pregnancy xxxx

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