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40+3 over due with baby no 2 :(

Hi all am 40+3 days over due with baby no2 I'm fed up my midwife has giving me until the 24th of this month then she is bringing me in for a sweep it should be Tuesday but the gp surgery is closed for staff training. I had a few twinges last week but all settled down. I am now starting to have concerns as with my daughter they allowed me to go nearly 2 weeks over my due date before they offered me a sweep and when they did she arrived 2 days before the sweep but with the wait when she was born she ended up having to be tube fed for 48 hours as she swallowed meconium which was making her not take to the bottle. I am worried that the same will happen to my son he is 2 days over due last weekend he was giving me all the signs he was wanting to come and now nothing I have tried 3 different spicy curries, pineapples raspberry leaf tea and the other thing. I have used a birthing ball it just seems like I have been pregnant forever. My family and my partners family have started taking bets on when he will come all the men on both sides of the family and my two nephews have said he will come on Sunday when are football team is playing there last match of the season and all the women are saying he'll probably come either whilst am watching Britain's got talent or the Eurovision. If anyone has any tips that may help bring him on then please mention then :D hope everyone is enjoying there pregnancies.

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Sex, doggy it softens the cervixs (thats what I have read). That will get the monkey out (I sound like a sexpert as I always say sexs I swear by it for bringing on labour).


Hahahaha x



I had a simular experience when i was pregnant with my son in 2008. (its probably a boy thing). :-) I got to 41+3wks when he decided to eventually come i was even booked in for an induction a few days after the labour started.

Its easier said than done but the best & only thing left to try is for you & your partner to be sexually intimate. I just hope the same thing dosent happen with this pregnancy (15wks now) because its definetely difficult to even think about having sex at that late stage of pregnancy due to feeling absolutely knackered. LOL :-)

In the meantime (im sure your midwife has told you this already) is to keep a rough mental track of the baby's movement & if in any dougt call your chosen hospital Maternity unit.

Good Luck! xx


i agree sex worked for me! and just keep moving...if you can manage a good brisk as possible walk round the shops? star jumps? (only joking) bless you stressful i think they should give women sweeps on their 40th week ...hope that baby comes soon xxx


Have a look on you tube for the reflexolgy points to induce labour, its extremely successful if it's done properly. or book in to a reflexologist if you want to make sure its done properly. Hinchinbrook hospital actually employ a lady called Tara Paul to do this funded by the nhs so i think that speaks for itself. good luck


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