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Busy busy busy!!

Omg ive been on the go so much latley! Trying to get this support group together (ideas and making a start) its so bloody stressful!! People keep leting me down with help, people are not co operatting with other people feelings just cause they dont understand and basically just not everything goig to plan.

I will still succed with this an the show will go on! Just hoing it doesnt take too long to get started. At the moment im still trying to get the website u and running and trying to get people intrested. Te advertising is slowly coming together (i have posters being made and website still needs som tweeks) i barely have time for myself now days!

Speakig of which, me and my boyfriend have currently stared to try again. We're taking things slow (when i have time!) and when the time is right, it will happen :) if anyone has any words of encouragement and/or advice to help us with the process and/or the support group, it would be much appreciated :)

Also sorry for not replying to those who have measagede or wrote on my blog and i havent ansewrd. Been so busy! Please forgive me!


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Hello, good to see you keeping on to the support group. Dont give up.

and its good to see your trying again. maybe with the support group keeping your mind occupied, you wont be thinking about conceiving too much. It will come easier then.

keep strong... seems to me as if your doing a brilliant job of that anyway ;)



Thankyou for the support! Means alot x


Go girl! Well done Hun, keep up with the good work with the support groups, it's a great way to take your mind off ttc, and an excellent way for you to fall pregnant more easily as you won't be so stressed about the process.

If you need me to help with the website or getting any info together, just ask :)

Xxxxxx x


Thank you for your support and sorry i didnt get back to your message!

Hope all is well x


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