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Ideas/help please :)


So as most of you know, after my secon miscarriage now, i feel motivated and te need to set up my own group that helps women who have suffered from a miscragge to come together and talk about it and try and help each other. Its my way of showing support. I would like to do ace to face groups.

If anyone has any help for me to get started e.g

What would u like if you was to come to the group, what would u like the room/building to look like/atmosphere,how much a session would ypu be willing to pay. Just anything really that could help me get an idea of how to start off!

Hope that made sense!

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I would say start off small like meeting at someone's home, very relaxed,tea coffee, biscuits,

I would want to openly discuss my experience with everyone, and then openly discuss research that is being done about prevention of miscarriage, setting up. Website with your new group, with their input.

That sort of stuff:)


Thanks very much, i shall jot this down and hopefully get a plan made up soon :) xx


Great idea Hun I was thinking along the same lines, then depending on how many people want to come you can alternate houses so each person holds a session at their house. I'd feel very comfortable with this . X


Yeah i was thinking about that aswell, just wasnt sure if anyone would be happy for random women coming in there house.


Well the first thing I did when having my mc I contacted my midwife which was no help to me what so ever in the support department so didn't know where else to turn really apart from my husband who didn't really understand what I was going through. The only life line really I had was all the ladies on here but I think face to face contact and support would really benefit so I think if a small group of people got together to discuss and 'support' each other some ladies would find it a great relief to get it off there chest. As some stay at home mums don't have a great support network and it isn't something you like to discuss at the school gates.

Anyway sorry for the ramble:-

What would the money cover, tea coffee, hire of the hall.

How would people be able to find out about your group, would you put a poster up in your local surgery's notice board or on the internet.

I rang my midwife when I had my mc so wouldn't have seen the notice (if there was one) so would you ask the midwife to maybe advise that there is a local support group or the NHS miscarriage association to advise there is local support groups? It is just so that you can get people attending.

I think it is a really great idea but needs advertising and promoting some how so people know that support is out there and they are not alone.


Yeah thats how i felt. Although my fiancee was there for me and stuff, he didnt really understand what i was going through if that makes sense. So its good for someone who knows what uour going through to talk to. I feel midwifes and doctors dont really care or have much sympathy if you know what i mean x


I think it would be easier to do this through the miscarriage association

They may even offer you a training opportunity. They say they have 'support volunteers'.

Quote from website "We have a UK-wide network of support volunteers, who have been through the experience of pregnancy loss themselves and can offer real understanding and a listening ear. Most offer support by telephone and some run monthly support groups."

This sounds perfect for you.

Good Luck - I have had lost a baby because of an early miscarriage and another to stillbirth. It wasn't until 2 years after all that, that I sought 1:1 counselling. xx


I think this sounds perfect as would put you in the right direction on how the meetings could be run to get the best out of it for those that need it


Sounds great and the website above would put you in touch with others. Personally, i wouldn't be keen on paying, consumables. Like the idea of a homely gathering. I know when I lost my babies, i didn't want to go anywhere or face anyone. Sorry for your losses and best of luck with the groups. 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic before finally having a successful pregnancy 8 years later. Turned out my blood group was having some issues carrying a Rhesus positive baby and the ectopic was cause i was on the pill. Best of future success and so honorable to want to support others. X x x


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