Improved recipe "or something" :-)

Hi ladies, hope u are all well

Ive been craving sweet & sour foods "mainly" now for the last few weeks now, but all of a sudden I cant get enough of Jaffa cakes.

OMG IT'S RIDICULOUS. It even more difficult to pass them now as they're selling double packs in all poundland stores :-)

I've had't to find ways to distract myself away from them as I wouldnt like to develop gestational diabetes or something.

But then inbetween meals i find myself taking 1, then 2 then possibly the pack is almost finished.

Bearing in mind im only 13+ wks gone & wouldnt want to have the worry of diabetes just yet

Anyway i've got a midwife appointment on Wednesday so I'm hoping she dosent tell me my sugar levels are too high. (Ive got to be strong & STAY AWAY FROM THE JAFFA CAKES) arrrrh :-(

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Haha my favourite at the moment are Haribos, seriously you gotta try them ;) im trying to wean myself off them at the minute, thought to myself today make sure you don't have any but guess what I have only a couple mind but I have tonight to get through when I get home from work xxx

Oh yeah, dont get me started on haribos. I've recently finished a fun size multi-bag pack of them & dont want to start again.


I just crave any food I think about it and think I've got to have it and don't feel happy till I have but when I have I'm happy. .. I've got over my kentucky and macdonalds phase thank god. .. The one at the moment is egg and salad cream sandwiches 3 last week. . Had my last lot today thank god and doesn't taste quite the same so that will be the last of them, wonder what it will be next :)

all I want is scones and jam!! I hav limited myself to a pack of 4 a week lol, but I go through fazes normally anything sweet and bad for u, i.e ice cream, cake and crisps but I am also going through strawberries like they r going out of fashion lol! x

I have gestational diabetes,so be careful!

I'm craving steak and now eat it three times a week, thank godness I knw when the butcher puts them on offer:)

I have the jaffa cake thing too, I'm 36 weeks now. In the beginning I couldn't stop eating sour apple chewits and drinking fresh orange! Now it's milk milk milk!!

im cravign strawberries. i eat anything with strawberry taste. ice cream is a must. and fresh strawberries. mmmm. also boiled fruit sweets. (think thats just something to stop the sick feeling though) x

Damn you, I've just read this and now want jaffa cakes!!!!!! Orangy caky goodness.....

Haha go down & see your nearest poundland store. "absolute bargain double packs goin"


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