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Vertical Rising Recliner Chairs?

Hi everybody,

Does anyone have (or know of) a riser/recliner sitting room chair that has the option of a vertical lift WITHOUT tilt?

If it has the option of both with OR without tilt even better.

Like most if not all of us with IBM I need to get my knees locked to be able to stand or walk and a tilting chair isn't the best option.

All suggestions welcome.

Thank you

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Hi, know what you mean, I've been using my wheelchair to sit on at home as getting off the sofa is impossible, but it's not ideal if you want a snooze. I resort to going up to bed for a rest but end up loosing 2 hours of my evening (currently sleeping for England)!

Hopefully someone will come up with some suggestions soon ... I am keeping an eye on your replies!

Best wishes



don't know about a recliner saw this website on facebook check it out JIVE-M2 SEDEO ERGO sunrise hope it helps

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