Chair with vertical lift

Hi everyone, I have noticed several posts re chair with vertical lift (no tilt) but now I need to find out more I can't find the posts! Any help appreciated

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  • Wighton did you see my comments in the post from Bon Bon. Works every time for me

    Best regards David

  • Hi David, saw your comments and it's great that is helping you, whilst I am trying to source rise - no tilt- chair I am using Mangar inflatable cushion on rise and tilt chair, raising chair to reasonable height but not tilted, then inflating Mangar cushionand that is helping. What a caper!

    Best wishes, Wighton

  • Wighton so will my suggestion not help you ?


  • Hi David, I have a couple of the NHS perch stools and just manage them, I have one in shower which is playing its part in keeping me clean! Got firmer foam put in furniture and it worked for a while, then got lift cushion from complete care shop but really struggled with it. Now on search for vertical rise chair. Have I missed anything? Thanks & best wishes Wighton

  • Wighton i have 3 perching stools in and around the house which i use. I am typing this sat on one now. My Armchair in the lounge is a standard Armchair with a 4" cushion on and then my upeasy seat assist which lifts me up as i start to rise thus enabling me to get up satisfactorily. Have you tried this Wighton? Cheers David

  • Hi David, thanks for your message, I have gradually raised the level of lounge seating but was fighting a losing battle.....invested in upeasy seat but it tilted and didn't get me high enough. Just ok at the moment using a mixture of rise and tilt chair (stop before too much tilt) and then airflo riser cushion which gets me up high enough. Would prefer chair that didn't tilt but lifted me vertically - that's now the mission! Speak soon, Wighton

  • Wiighton that's bad luck mine is just perfect but then again we all have this damm condition and it affects us in different ways.

    Good luck David

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