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Unnumbered post what not to be exact about 6 Mar 2021

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Good morning beloved ms family. I was thinking after reading about I was diagnosed (Dx'd) this month. Very interesting. Can "YOU" tell what exact date "YOU" were Dx'd, who was there? The name of the Doctor who told "YOU". WHY. Make it another thing that happened in your life. My suggestion might be to make it as vague as possible. Add in dates to confuse yourself. The first Dx does not count, "YOU" need to have a second opinion, that counts. Well, maybe not. the exact date counts, but which one. Oh yeah, I was 28 or was it 29 no it was 30, ahh well something like that.

By knowing all the exact details, "YOU" give ms far to much power. Be vague. Oh yeah, it happened when I was 29 I think, I am not positive. Try hard to take away the power ms has over "YOU". I know the exact date that I meet She who must be obeyed, that is a good date to remember. ms, that can be sad, why remember that. Make it fuzzy, take it's power away.

Royce ( your ms writer and Brother)

umm it was 29 I think and now I am 50something so 20+ years I think

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I know it was April 2011. But so what? right

I haven't forgotten. As a matter of fact, I cherish that day as I found out that I wasn't dying of a malignant brain tumor. Yep, that's where my mind was taking me when my face went numb and I knew it wasn't a pinched nerve in my neck. I knew the nerves in your face are cranial nerves. I had been a Cosmetology instructor for 3 years. Cosmo's have to learn all about the central nervous system. Why? Because we do more than just cut & color hair. If you don't know how to do a facial or a hand/arm or foot/leg message you can cause a lot of damage. An autoimmune disease hadn't occurred to me. So I was grateful to find out it was only MS. I knew a little about MS... very little. I knew it wasn't the end of the world, or that it wouldn't kill me as cancer would. But I am one of the few that is grateful for MS. Not everyone is. It has changed how I look at the world. I have more of a positive attitude, which is very important with this disease. I cherish every day rather than taking it for granted. We have a short life here on this earth and I feel we should make the best of it no matter what our situations are. There isn't anything that we can't overcome with our minds. If you physically can't do what you used to do then find a different way to do it, rather than sit around feeling sorry for yourself. I look at each day as "A new adventure."

I used to have my license! All I do now is cut my families hair.

I just cut my husband's hair now, & he does mine. We used to own a school before his health went south.

My first and second dx were wrong! I only count the date my husband read my scans and I celebrate it every year...for knowing, for finally being able to be treated, for all that I have gone through blind and alone and never ever have to again 🎉

But, don’t buy yourself wine and cupcakes to celebrate with normal people because they just end up horrified and give you pity looks 🤦‍♀️

28 yrs old and July 22 2019 my dating anniversary with my husband horrified in hospital. My husband and dad were there

All I remember was that it was 2006 and my vision suddenly went blurry for no reason and it wasn't the prescription for my glasses so off to a neuro-ophthalmologist I went who tried to tell me it was my medication! After an argument with him, he ordered an MRI and the rest is history after that. It might have been the summer of 2006, I don't remember as it all was blur it went by so fast. Hard to believe it has been 15 years!

My husband had to tell me when I was diagnosed.

🤣This is no surprise as I forgot our 1 year wedding anniversary.

He still laughs about this. :)

I know exactly what date it was! 9/9/14. It was just the neuro and me. He was so nice and sat down so we were eye to eye. He looked so sad but I was relieved to know why I kept falling down! Wish he was still my neuro. He was so nice. But he referred me to his colleague who specializes in MS (who had the personality of a potato. )

It was thanksgiving 2008 I'll never forget it

April 1st April fools day 2017 but it wasn’t a joke it was real. That was dx day but I’d had symptoms for at least 5 years leading up to the big one. Left side went numb.


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