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Unnumbered post Be well 24 Jan 2021

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ms Sisters and Brothers, be well' be content and find a reason every day to make the effort. "YOU" can live with this disease. "YOU" can live many years. "YOU" can live many years and die at 90. ms does not mean your life is over, it has just changed in a really unexpected way, BUT "YOU" can do this illness. "YOU" are so much more than "YOU" think, so much more than they say.

This is your life, LIVE it. Regardless of ms.

Royce (your ms writer and Brother)

Been resigning my office, I think I like my new design, I think

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We are more than MS. i am not a disease's initials. thanks

90? I plan on living MUCH Longer. I need time to perfect living with this disease. I'm getting better at it every day. But, I've still got a long way to go. Like to run again, no marathons, just to???, be able to catch the ice cream truck one more time?

I'll be happy with 70.Ask me how I feel about that on my 70th birthday.


As for running? I miss being able to sprint in high heels.

I miss being able to run in sensible shoes too. :)

wow, sprint in high heels that is impressive I would have liked to see that. :-)

That of course was back when I had balance.

When I was first diagnosed, I still wore heels but started to use a cane "just in case".

I remember a woman took issue with me using a cane while wearing heels.

I told her that I have MS & would continue to wear them until I can't...in the nicest tone I could muster.


I used to do the 1/4 mile in just under xxx in high heels! Yeah, right. Why did women ever wear them? Fashion? My height of fashion were a set of wing tips, used, from the they don't fit me anymore, want them? I stuck with my $10 Walmart gym shoes, with wear through soles in about a month and a half, except for work, where I wore the athletic works nen's front runner athletic shoe $15, also Walmart, which were appropriate for high rise roof tops, pipe tunnels, and the building manager's offices with button down shirt and tie, dress pants.... As well as most weddings. Black no-frills lace ups, that don't look bad with a 3 piece suit? For squeaky cheap looks good with a 30 year old 3 piece! Hey, got 2 still wearable. The third, will come back in style, give it time! Kind of John Travolta days era? But that will come back, right?

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Athletic Works

Athletic Works Men's Wide Width Front Runner Athletic Shoe

Heels look great, that's why and they aren't all that uncomfortable if you get the right size.

I liked New Balance running shoes-kind of ironic....


New Balance. Sounds $$$$. My wife wears $$$$ and is spending $$$$ at the podiatrist. I don't understand. I wear cheap, cheap cheap, and I've gone from numb feet to 10K steps / day? Less is more?

I believe their price is about average, which isn't necessarily good.

Moccasins are my favorite as the toe doesn't trip me up.

Do your feet get numb anymore?

The numbness is my new normal? Don't even recognize it anymore. But if, like you just prompted me to do so,...yeah they're stii numb. But maybe not so much anymore?

Mine are at the same level of numbness.It has been my normal for years.

love it and well said for the truth to just do what you want just like a normal life...

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