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Unnumbered post ms is NOT your fault 5 Mar 2021

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Good Friday morning to "YOU" my ms family I hope all is going well with "YOU" To my newbie (newly diagnosed) sisters and brothers.

ms ios NOT your fault. "YOU" did nothing to get it. Any negative thoughts that "YOU" might have, STOP IT. "YOU" need strength to get through this lifelong incurable illness. Be positive, give yourself a goal.

ms IS NOT YOUR FAULT or a PUNISHMENT. It is a human c condition, and "YOU" my sibling are HUMAN

Royce (your ms writer and brother)

Incurable but VERY liveable

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yes well said again ...thank you ...

I just want to say THANK YOU!!! for sharing this!!!. I was diagnosed with MS in 2012 and out of all these years I've never heard someone say that MS is not my fault!!! Just to know that, has brought me to a level of understanding and liberation!!! Thanks again, Mr. or Ms. Royce Newton!!!!

It is always my pleasure, YOU look after yourself


It is Mister by the way

Ok. Duly noted. Lol 👍🏼

Yes I agree! Sadly my family blamed it on me "not eating enough good nutrition post pregnancy"

Wow. Sorry to hear that. That's just wrong.

I know right? So many people thought i did this to myself. As if! It is so good for others hear it. Over and over if needed

Yes I think others should hear it. I think it helps in the healing process. Especially in the mind!!

Totally! The other thing i did was get an MS tattoo. To remind me that i am still beautiful despite this disease.

That's a good idea!!🤔(tattoo) Yeah... I always tell myself how handsome I am in spite of. It's just one way of sticking it back to ms, lol.


The very liveable part is so important to give hope to someone recently diagnosed. Once I finally realized it helped me from a depressed and anxious state I was in. Thanks for sharing

I never thought M.S. was my fault

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falalalala in reply to Tazmanian

Me either.

sadly some do

But I guess it's my parent's fault (I'm only kidding)

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