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Unnumbered can somebody explain 22 Mar 2021

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Beloved ms family. I know this is not ms related, but I thought somebody here might know the answer.

WHY after being 100% vaccinated am I still wearing a mask and social distancing? Have I missed something? I am completely lost as to what is going on.

Sorry for asking a non ms related question but I could not work out who to ask that will give me an honest answer. My doctors just keep telling me because the CDC says.

Have a good day, take your medicine and stay well.


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You can still transmit the virus (you can be a carrier if you are exposed even if you aren't showing symptoms), it just won't (most likely) affect you. So while you wouldn't get Covid, someone around you still could get it from you if you have been exposed to it.

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RoyceNewton in reply to BCMTN

Thank you

Agreed. you are 95% not going to get sick. You are wearing a mask to protect others.


Only time will tell if the current vaccines will protect us from the new variants.

It's also because you might have been 100% vaccinated but 100% of the rest of the population around you wont' have been 100% vaccinated yet.

Everything said by others is accurate. To sum up: we don't yet know how long your immunity against the original variant will last; because it has taken so long to reduce the pandemic's effect, new variants have emerged (some may be more contagious); you can carry the virus/infecting others even if you show no symptoms, even with the vaccination, you can catch the virus but probably won't go to hospital or die; so wear your mask to protect yourself and others.

I can confirm you can be a carrier after being 100% vaccinated. We test all of our patients before starting their radiation treatments and last week we had someone who was 100% vaccinated test positive. Do he had the virus in his nose and would have been spreading it around if he didn't have a mask.I am hoping once enough of the population are vaccinated to achieve heard immunity we can do away with the masks. Some may choose to continue wearing them, especially if they have high risk medical conditions. However, as previously mentioned we don't know if the vaccines work on the new variants or how long they last.

the only answer i have is because we have been told to. when will the nightmare end,my guess is maybe never!

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Peruzzot in reply to pamgarner

Personally I can't wait to finally ditch the !@#$% mask. It makes it hard to breathe, my glasses to fog up, and hard to understand what people are saying. I have uneven hearing ability between my ears so I watch people's lips to read along. I can't do that with these masks.

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IFwczs in reply to Peruzzot

There are special anti-fog glasses wipes. I ordered them for my mom on Amazon, and they work with a mask.

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I've tried several at this point that claim to be anti fog. So far none have worked.

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My mom says it works, but who knows? She is in Europe, so I may never find out.

If you have and autoimmune disease and have had both your shoots you are wearing your mask because so many aren't getting it leaves you at risk.The vaccine is only effective between 75 and 95 %. I know you post everyday but I don't know what DMT your on but it is the same thing. If you want 99.9% you should taking Tysebri. If your not then you are taking a DMT that rates between 65 to 82% effective.

How many people died from the flu this year?

This is the new flu and depending how much you want to protect yourself is up to you.

I would love to give you my opinion on the "vaccine' but not on here. If you look hard enough you can find the truth.

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RoyceNewton in reply to 11tails

PM me

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