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Unnumbered post Relax calm down 13 Mar 2021 2

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Family, relax calm down, take a deep breath and let yourself be at ease. This is a tricky disease, lots may happen and lots may NOT. "YOU" being stressed and worried only make your life more difficult. It is hard, I understand. BUT 'YOU" have to keep calm, steady and determined to carry on. Never give up hope, whatever "YOU" may hope for.

Plan and make a brighter future happen. I think a cure is silly, but that is what "YOU" believe, work towards it. Make yourself eligible to be first in line, who knows what may happen. I most certainly do not. Relax, it will be okay. "YOU" will be okay.

Royce (your ms writer and brother)

believe in your own glorious future

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Sorry Royce, I don't think hoping for a cure is silly. the saying that comes to mind is pray for potatoes and grab the hoe. I'm doing what i can to stick around so that if a cure is available in 20 years, i'm still here for it.

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jimeka in reply to Sandydemop

Good for you 👍

each to there own opinion, but it does sound like I consistently say. make an effort do not merely feel sorry because "YOU" are sick, make an effort to make it better

thanks Royce, i don't feel sorry for myself (right now) but sometimes I do need a reminder not to sit in the sickness aspect of my life.

You’re right

good advice....love and happiness...

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