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Tiny block sampler


My daughter requested a sampler of a particular size as a wall hanging, so this is based on a pattern I found to suit her needs. Each block is only 4 inches, so those pieces are pretty small! I still need to quilt it, but it may sit around here, glaring at me for a few months before I tackle that part.

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Very pretty!😊

That is beautiful my friend. I love quilts. There’s always so much love and effort in each one. Don’t stop!



4” blocks. I don’t blame you at all my dear friend. That’s small.😀😃.


That's gorgeous!!

OMG, I can so relate. I get a project to do and look at it forever, saying I am not in the mood for this. This disease really sucks. One day your good, next day you feel like a wet dish cloth..soggy.

I like the design and colors.


That is beautiful!

I love it so beautiful


That's so beautiful!! Mine next plz!😁 greaterexp 🤗💕🌠

greaterexp in reply to Jesmcd2

Ha! There's a long line in front of you, dear!

Did you come up with design yourself? It’s wonderful, please show us again when finished. 🤗


These colors are great for babies also!



Gorgeous! What great colors. 🥰🥰

Phenomenal! I so admire your artistry.

Wow. So pretty 😀

Beautiful, you are so very talented 😁



Simply gorgeous, greaterexp

Thank you being such an inspiration to me :-D

Ah, that works both ways.

Wow! I would think the smaller size would be trickier to do! Looks awesome!

wow great job ...maybe you could get someone to do the quilting for you ...turned out very pretty ,looks great wow great work ....love it ....be very proud of this ...

just WOW. it's wonderful

That takes perseverance, to make that many different blocks, that small. you did a beautiful job on it. Can't wait to see it quilted.

It is a gorgeous pattern. So you are busy quilting; catching up on your wait list. I know you must miss going to the quilt fellowship - class at your church.

greaterexp in reply to TonyiaR7

We have just started meeting again!

TonyiaR7 in reply to greaterexp

I am glad.

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